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Arts and Sciences General Education

Requirements for First Year Students 

These requirements are for students that entered into Arts and Sciences in Fall of 2009 or later.

I. First-Year Seminar

  • First year, fall semester
  • Designed to instill intellectual passion in first-year students

II. Foundations of Citizenship

(These courses may also be used to fulfill an arts, humanities, or social science distribution requirement.)

III. Exploration and Breadth

  • One mathematics course
    • Any mathematics course except M 118 taught by the A&S math department
  • One arts course
    • One course from:
      • Art History (ART)
      • Music (HLM)
      • Cinema (CIN)  
      • Drama (DRA)
  • Three humanities courses
    • Three courses from three different disciplines from the following:
      • Literature (ENG, but not writing classes)
      • Foreign language (FR, GER, ITA, SPA)
      • History (HIS)
      • Philosophy (PHI)
  • Two social science courses
    • Two courses from two different disciplines from the following:
      • Economics (EC)
      • Politics and Government (POL)
      • Psychology (PSY)
      • Sociology (SOC)
    • If Social science major:  must take two courses from outside the major and from two different disciplines
  • Two 4-credit lab sciences courses
    • Two 4 credit laboratory courses from the following:

IV. Foundational Competencies

  • Two writing courses
    • RPW 110 (first year, second semester)
    • RPW 210 (second year, first semester)
  • One information technology literacy course
    • One course from the list found here.
  • Two writing-intensive courses
    • In addition to RPW 110 and 210, students must take two writing-intensive courses, one of which must be taken in the major.  Writing-intensive courses are indicated by a W following the course code (E.g., CMM 250W)

V. Four AUC Courses

Four courses from four categories, designated by major; find detailed information here.
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