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Jacob Harney, PhD

Associate Professor

Biology Department - Chair

Bio Chem Building 160B


PhD   University of Florida   |   MS   University of Florida  |   BS   University of Connecticut

Selected Publications

Bandaru, SS, K. Lin, S.L. Roming, R. Vellipuram & J.P. Harney, 2010.  Effects of PI3K inhibition and low docosahexanoic acid on cognition and behavior. Physiol. Behav. 100:239-244.

Harney, JP., M.A. Monsey, J. Talluri & J. Meade, 2010. Effects of ketogenic diets on blood glucose, ketones, plasma lipids and cholesterol in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. J. Nutrition (In preparation).

A.A. Walf, M.E. Rhodes, J.R. Meade, J.P. Harney & C.A. Frye, 2007. Estradiol-induced conditioned place preference may require acions at estrogen receptors in the nucleus accumbens. Neuropsychopharmacology 32:522-30

Frye, C.A.,K. Sumida, B.C. Dudek, J.P. Harney, J.P. Lydon, B.W. O'Malley, D.W. Pfaff & M.E. Rhodes, 2006. Progesterone's effects to reduce anxiety behavior of aged mice do not require actions viab intracellular progrestin receptors . Psychopharmacology 186:312-22.

Frye, C.A., M.E. Rhodes, J. Talluri & J.P. Harney, 2005. Ketogenic diet decreases circulating concentrations of neuroactive steroids in female rats. Epilepsy Behav 7:231-9.

Frye, C.A., A.A. Walf, M.E. Rhodes & J.P. Harney. 2004. Progesterone enhances motor, anxiolytic, anlgesic, and antidepressive behavior of wild type mice, but not those deficient in 5 alpha reductase. Brain Research 1004(1-2):116-124.

Rhodes, M.E., J.P. Harney & C.A. Frye. 2004. Gonadal, adrenal, and neuroactive steroids' role in ictal activity. Brain Research 1000(1-2):8-18.