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About the Computer Science Curriculum

Computer Science is a broad discipline concerned with the science of solving problems using computers.   It involves study of the theory, design, and implementation of logical solutions and the computing devices upon which these can be carrier out. To date, this study has produced results with many practical applications that have advanced other sciences, transformed daily life and changed the course of history.  The Computer Science degree programs at the University of Hartford provide a solid foundation of both theoretical and practical aspects of computing, opening a wide spectrum of possibilities to its students.

As a major in Computer Science you will study program design, the theory of computation, programming languages (both high and low-level), object-oriented programming, data structures, software development, computer architecture and operating systems.  In advanced courses you will have the opportunity to learn about computer graphics, Internet programming, the UNIX operating system, artificial intelligence, algorithm analysis, database, and networking.

The Computer Science Department at the University of Hartford offers undergraduate programs leading to:

Both tracks are designed to prepare a student for a successful career in the computing professions, business, education, or advanced study.

Your degree in Computer Science can serve as a key to an exciting career. Our graduates have gone on to careers in: Software Engineering, Computer Programming, Database Analysis, Webmasters, Network Administration, Internet Service Provision, Computer Aided Design, and Network Security.  Others have pursued careers in education, graduate study or indirectly related professions such as law or medicine.