Psychology Department
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Psychology Department

The Department of Psychology at the University of Hartford is one of the largest academic units on campus, offering a full spectrum of degree programs, including a bachelor’s degree in psychology, three master’s degrees in clinical practices, organizational psychology, and school psychology, and a doctoral degree in clinical psychology.  The faculty represent a diversity of interests and specializations, including clinical, developmental, experimental, health, industrial/organizational, school, and social psychology.  The Department is located in East Hall, which houses classrooms, offices, computer labs, observation rooms, research facilities, and collections of resource books and diagnostic materials.

The Department of Psychology at the University of Hartford is strongly student-centered and committed to engaging students in the understanding of behavior, cognition, emotion, and social interaction.

Major emphasis is placed on the development of critical thinking and analytical skills so students become adept at formulating meaningful questions, implementing strategies to enhance growth and development, and solving problems of individual and group behavior.  Students are encouraged to understand, appreciate, and embrace diversity and the need for community involvement.

The Department promotes self-awareness and life-long learning aimed at developing well-rounded, resourceful, ethical, competent, and compassionate graduates at all levels of education.