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Environmental Studies Program

An Interdepartmental Committee has been established to study the creation of new majors in the area of environmental science and studies. Programs in Environmental Science, Environmental Biology, and Environmental Chemistry will be designed for students interested in laboratory and field research, consulting, analytical and diagnostic environmental work, and as a preparation for graduate studies. The curricula are similar during the first year, so a decision about these three majors would not have to be made until the sophomore year. The program in Environmental Studies would be designed for students interested in preparing for careers in environmental policy decision making, natural history interpretation, conservation education and teaching, and as preparation for graduate studies, including law school.

While the committee prepares these majors for college, University, and state approval, students interested in an environmental major are advised that the Interdisciplinary Contract Major program will be used to classify any of these programs as a contracted major of study. This program allows students to propose their own major if an existing traditional major does not exist or meet their needs. Applications are available in the Office of the Dean of Arts and Sciences. Examples of past contract majors in environmental fields are available from the chair of the Interdepartmental Committee.

If college, University, and state approval is reached before the completion of a contracted major, one of the majors listed above could be exchanged for the contracted major prior to graduation. For more information, contact any member of the Interdepartmental Committee.