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A&S Express Newsletter

Thank you for your interest in the College of Arts and Sciences newsletter, aptly named A&S Express. The name was suggested by our very own Professor Roger Desmond in the School of Communication.

In the newsletter, you will find some exciting happenings in the University of Hartford's College of Arts and Sciences. The University of Hartford prides itself on high-quality teaching, research, and creative activity. The stories you will read here are just a sampling of the wonderful accomplishments of our students, faculty, and alumni. You’ll see themes of engagement, leadership, innovative uses of technology, cultural exploration, and real-world applications of research.   

Fall 2018 Issue


Student Spotlights - Olaleye Onikuyide ’20 and Jade Baker ’20

Alumni Spotlights - Kevin Seguin ’18 and January Welks ’06

Faculty Spotlights - Susan Cardillo, James McDonald and Brian Wells
and more...

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Spring 2018 Issue


Student Spotlight - Loren Milledge ’18

Alumni Spotlight - Daniel Sutter ’14

Faculty Spotlights - Katharine Owens and Sundeep Muppidi
and more...

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Summer 2017 Issue


Student Spotlight - Elizabeth Martin ’17

Alumni Spotlight - Eric Moreira ’08

Faculty Spotlight - Beth Richards
and more...

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Winter 2017 Issue


Student Spotlight - Kochava Krieger ’17 and Christian Rodriguez ’17

Alumni Spotlight - Hyun Soon Lillehoj ’74 and Colleen McLoughlin ’15

Faculty Spotlight - Aime Levesque, PhD
and more...

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Spring 2016 Issue


Student Spotlight - Alex Gannuscio ’16 and Emily Meachon ’16

Alumna Spotlight -  Sarabeth Grant ’03

Faculty Spotlight - Katharine Owens, PhD
and more...

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Fall 2015 Issue


Student Spotlight - Nicole Awad '17 and Kimberly Bigelow '16

Alumni Spotlight - Courtney Pink '01 and Ashley Scales '13

Faculty Spotlight - Avinoam Patt, PhD
and more...

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Spring 2015 Issue


Student Spotlight - Michelle Lavalle '15

Alumni Spotlight - Richard Owen Morgan '02 and Brian D'Amico '02

Faculty Spotlight - Andrew Craft, PhD
and more...

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Fall 2014 Issue


Student Spotlight - Amber Gipson '16

Alumni Spotlight - Amanda Pawlik '07

Faculty Spotlight - Jessica Nicklin, PhD
and more...

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Spring 2014 Issue


Student Spotlight - Joshua Gischner '15

Alumni Spotlight - Gara B. Field '91, M '93

Faculty Spotlight - Michael Clancy, PhD
and more...

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