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Thursday, January 29

The process of clearing residential parking areas of snow is continuing.

Move your vehicle to allow for snow removal.

current as of 12:21 p.m., Jan. 29, 2015

Biology Faculty Members

Jacob Harney, PhD
Department Chair

Head Shot Research Interests:
Ketogenic diet and brain energy metabolism, Diabetes, Caloric restriction, Neurodegenerative disorders, Neuroendocrine control of reproduction, Brain aging More Info...

Joanna Borucinska, PhD, DVM

Head Shot Research Interests:
Veterinary Pathology, Comparative Pathology, Diseases of Fish with a concentration on diseases of sharks, Parasitic diseases More Info...

Stewart Frankel, PhD
Associate Chair

Head Shot Research Interests:
Aging process, caloric restriction, gene regulation, cell biology More Info...

Aime Levesque, PhD

Head Shot Research Interests:
DNA damage, cell cycle checkpoints, Cancer mechanisms, gene regulation More Info...

Yingcui Li, PhD

Head Shot Research Interests:
Genes and development, genetic analysis of Hyaluronan function in Osteoarthritis, new approaches for Osteoarthritis treatment More Info...

Paola Sacchetti, PhD

Head Shot Research Interests:
Neuroscience and molecular biology. Neurodegenerative disorders, in particular dementia More Info...

Adam Silver, PhD

Head Shot Research Interests:
Host-microbe interaction, beneficial symbiosis, pathogenesis, circadian rhythms, innate immunity More Info...

Bin Zhu, PhD

Head Shot Research Interests:
Invasive species ecology and management, water quality and water pollution, aquatic macrophytes, biodiversity More Info...