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Mathematics Faculty Members


James McDonald, PhD - Department Chair

James McDonald is an accelerator physicist who studies low-energy nuclear physics, particularly the reactions involved in solar fusion. He also has experience in radiation protection, K-12 science education, and the intersection of science and art. Go


Diego Benardete, PhD

Diego Benardete studies pure and applied aspects of differential equations and dynamical systems. I also have a serious amateur’s interest in the history and philosophy of mathematics.  Go


Robert Decker, PhD

Differential Equations, Probability, Use of Technology in Mathematics Education Go


Aslihan Demirkaya, PhD

Dr. Demirkaya studied industrial engineering and mathematics in undergrad and then decided to continue on mathematics. Her research interests are Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems.  Go


Mako E. Haruta, PhD

Mako Haruta’s current focus is on mathematics curriculum development and the integration of technology into college mathematics courses. She also is involved in elementary and middle school gifted mathematics programs. Go


Joel Kagan, PhD

Joel Kagan has served as Chair of the Departments of Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science for more than 20 years and as Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences for 18 years.  Go


Raymond McGivney, PhD

Use of technology and peer instruction to help students learn mathematics Go


Jean McGivney-Burelle, PhD - Dir., Secondary Math Education

Jean McGivney-Burelle's specialty is in the area of K-16 mathematics education. In particular, she is interested in the use of technology to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and the mathematical content preparation of prospective teachers.  Go


Ben Pollina, PhD

Ben Pollina's main focus is on the use of technology, primarily computer algebra and Internet homework systems in the teaching of mathematics. Go


Larissa B. Schroeder, PhD

Larissa Schroeder’s specialty is in the area of K – 16 mathematics education with emphasis in issues associated with the importance of calculus in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education (STEM) and the mathematical preparation of teachers  Go


Mark Turpin, PhD

Mark Turpin has learned to juggle, learned to solve Rubik’s cube, raised 3 children, climbed Long’s Peak, and solved a handful of unsolved math problems. Go


John Williams, PhD

John Williams' academic career started in Complex Variables, in particular Univalent Function Theory. The Bieberbach conjecture was solved just when he graduated, but the problem on the exterior remains unsolved, to which he keeps up with the new results.  Go


Fei Xue, PhD

Fei Xue’s research specialties include difference and differential equations, as well as a new area called dynamical equations on time scales. Go

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