Research | Hwayeon Ryu
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Hwayeon Ryu, PhD

Biostatistical Research

My current research focuses on the analytical and numerical investigation of dynamic feedback systems in the kidneys of rats. I use various mathematical tools including mathematical modeling, coupled nonlinear partial differential equations, time-delayed bifurcation analysis, stochastic processes, and numerical analysis to better understand the renal regulatory systems.

In addition to problems in renal physiology, I have studied dynamics of neural networks where a coupling delay plays a significant role in their activity patterns. I aim to develop models for neurons connected through time-delayed coupling, which employ a more realistic structure of neural networks, to better understand the overall neural networks' pattern formation.

Pedagogical Research

I was an MAA Project NExT 201–2017 fellow (Green Dot), during which I learned many innovative teaching methods using technology and active learning. Based on this fellowship, I was recently awarded Goal 1 Strategic Plan Critical Thinking Grant, to improve students critical thinking in introductory statistics courses, M 114 and M 115.