Undergraduate Research Projects in Mathematics (RPM)
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Undergraduate Research Projects in Mathematics (RPM)

We are working to collect all of our research projects in one location.

Fall 2017 | Spring 2017

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Advanced Analytics in Sports


The group is collaborating with the University of Hartford’s Men’s Basketball team to provide detailed analysis on shot selection, lineups, player involvement, scouting and in-game strategy.

 Read MoreSemester: Fall 2017

Cryptography and Number Theory


Avery Buehler studied the evolution of cryptography from elementary ciphers to modern day lattice-based methods.  Read MoreSemester: Fall 2017

Soliton Escape Velocity After Scattering for a Nonlinear Beam Equation


Iliana Albion-Poles, Mitchell Sugar, and Yonatan Shavit studied the scattering of wave solutions of a nonlinear beam equation.

 Read MoreSemester: Fall 2017

Soliton Interaction for a Nonlinear Neuron Equation


Robert Galvez and Matthew Bernocco studied the interaction of two wave pulses of a model in neuroscience. The model attempts to explain how signals are conducted within neurons.

 Read MoreSemester: Fall 2017

Calculus Solutions Group (CSG)


A collaborative team of first- and second-year students is generating detailed solutions for Calculus course materials, created during the NSF funded Flipped Calculus project, currently used in our flipped classrooms.

 Read MoreSemester: Spring 2017