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School Psychology Degree Requirements

The University of Hartford’s School Psychology program is an integrated 66-credit program of study leading to the MS degree in School Psychology, with a specialization in Clinical Child Counseling, and a sixth-year certificate, with endorsement for credentialing as a Certified School Psychologist. The MS degree in School Psychology is awarded upon satisfactory completion of a 30-credit planned program of study and successful performance on a comprehensive examination. University endorsement for professional certification as a school psychologist in the State of Connecticut requires the completion of an additional 36 credits of course work and training. At the University of Hartford, following completion of the MS Degree in School Psychology, students complete the additional 36 credits to be recommended for initial certification in school psychology, earning 6 credits for the Internship in School Psychology (the internship is conceptualized as a culminating experience). Following completion of 66 credits, the transcript reflects completion of a Specialist Program in School Psychology.

M.S. Degree Requirements
PSY 538 Introduction to School Psychology 3
PSY 584 Introduction to Counseling and Psychotherapy 3
PSY 561 Cognitive and Psychoeducational Assessment I 3
PSY 565 Cognitive and Psychoeducational Assessment II 3
PSY 566 Personality Assessment I 3
PSY 567 Personality Assessment II 3
PSY 542 Psychopathology of Childhood 3
PSY 554 Community Psychology 3
PSY 655 Professional Seminar and Practicum in School Psychology I 3
PSY 656 Professional Seminar and Practicum in School Psychology II 3
Post M.S. Specialist Requirements
PSY 582 Research Methods: Design and Analysis 3
PSY 520 Learning: Principles, Theories and Applications 3
PSY 737 Introduction to Clinical Neuropsychology 3
PSY 650 Consultation: Theory and Practice 3
PSY 585 Advanced Therapy Techniques 3
PSY 629 Principles of Family Therapy 3
PSY 669 Child Psychotherapy 3
PSY 560 Life Span Development 3
PSY 755 Internship in School Psychology I 3
PSY 756 Internship in School Psychology II 3
EDH 510 Theoretical Foundations: Children and Adults with Special Needs 3