Program Sequence
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Program Sequence

The University of Hartford's Graduate Institute of Professional Psychology offers an accredited program of study and training leading to the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree in Clinical Psychology. The primary mission of this program is to prepare students for effective functioning in the multiple roles graduates will fill during the course of their careers in these rapidly changing times.

The goals of the program are to develop competent, compassionate, self-aware clinical psychologists who are skilled in the delivery of direct services, who are effective in consultation to human service agencies, knowledgeable about current empirical and theoretical developments, capable of designing and critically evaluating clinical services, culturally competent, and able to assume leadership positions in clinical settings. The program is committed to affirming diversity in all its aspects.

As a member of the National Council of Schools and Programs of Professional Psychology (NCSPP), the doctoral program endorses and subscribes to NCSPP's resolutions and guidelines concerning standards, curriculum, and diversity in the preparation of professional psychologists and makes every effort to incorporate them in our program.

Child and Adolescent Proficiency Track

The Graduate Institute of Professional Psychology offers a child and adolescent proficiency track within the program's current curriculum and structure. In addition to a core curriculum, which includes courses in clinical child development, child psychotherapy, and advanced issues in child assessment intervention, the track allows students to have specific practicum experience in child and adolescent work. The goal of the track is to provide students with an opportunity to develop not only a broad theoretical foundation but also strong therapeutic, assessment, and program development skills in working with this specialized population.