Edward Lewis Wallant Award Recipients
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Edward Lewis Wallant Award Recipients

Eduardo Halfon

2018 Recipient -
Eduardo Halfon

In Mourning, Halfon follows his memory back to his maternal roots in Jewish Poland and to forbidden stories of his father’s Lebanese-Jewish immigrant family. Former Wallant Award winner, Francine Prose, calls Mourning as “a feat of literary acrobatics” (New York Review of Books). Mourning has also been described as a subtle and stirring reflection on the formative and destructive power of family mythology, silence, and grief.  

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Additional honorees Lisa Dillman and Daniel Hahn have translated many novels and scholarly works in addition to Mourning. In 2016, Dillman won the Best Translated Book Award for Signs Preceding the End of the World by Yuri Herrera. She is director of the Honors Program and a senior lecturer in Spanish at Emory University. Hahn is a freelance writer, editor, researcher and translator who currently serves on the board of trustees of the Society of Authors and a number of other organizations working with literature, literacy and free expression.

Past Recipients

Year Author Title
2017 Margot Singer Underground Fugue
2017 Runner-Up Rachel Hall Heirlooms
2016 Ayelet Tsabari The Best Place on Earth
2016 Runner-Up Amy Gottlieb The Beautiful Possible
2015 Rebecca Dinerstein The Sunlit Night
2014 David Bezmozgis The Betrayers
2013 Kenneth Bonert The Lion Seeker
2012 Joshua Henkin The World Without You
2011 Edith Pearlman Binocular Vision
2010 Julie Orringer The Invisible Bridge
2009 Sara Houghteling Pictures at an Exhibition
2008 Eileen Pollack In the Mouth
2007 Ehud Havazelet Bearing the Body
2006 No Award
2005 Nicole Krauss The History of Love
2004 Jonathan Rosen Joy Comes in the Morning
2003 Joan Leegant An Hour in Paradise
2002 Dara Horn In the Image
2001 Myla Goldberg Bee Season
2000 Judy Budnitz If I Told You Once
1999 Allegra Goodman Kaaterskill Falls
1998 No Award
1997 Harvey Grossinger The Quarry
1996 Thane Rosenbaum Elijah Visible
1995 Rebecca Goldstein Mazel
1994 No Award
1993 Gerald Shapiro From Hunger
1992 Melvin Jules Bukiet Stories of an Imaginary Childhood
1991 No Award
1990 No Award
1989 Jerome Badanes The Final Opus of Leon Solomon
1988 Tova Reich Master of the Return
1987 Steve Stern Lazar Malkin Enters Heaven
1986 Daphne Merkin Enchantment
1985 Jay Neuseboren Before My Life Begins
1984 No Award
1983 Francine Prose Hungry Hearts
1982 No Award
1981 Allen Hoffman Kaganís Superfecta
1980 Johanna Kaplan O My America
1979 No Award
1978 No Award
1977 Curt Leviant The Yemenite Girl
1976 No Award
1975 Anne Bernays Growing Up Rich
1974 Susan Fromberg Schaeffer Anya
1973 Arthur A. Cohen In the Days of Simon Stern
1972 Robert Kotlowitz Somewhere Else
1971 Cynthia Ozick The Pagan Rabbi
1970 No Award
1969 Leo Litwak Waiting for the News
1968 No Award
1967 Chaim Potok The Chosen
1966 Gene Hurwitz Home Is Where You Start From
1965 Hugh Nissenson A Pile of Stones
1964 Seymour Epstein Leah
1963 Norman Fruchter Coat Upon a Stick