Master of Science in Neuroscience
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Master of Science in Neuroscience

The Master of Science in neuroscience program at the University of Hartford is interdisciplinary in nature, providing experiences at the interface of biology, psychology, and other natural sciences. The program is designed to meet the needs of both full-time and part-time non-traditional students with most courses and laboratories offered in the evenings.

The neuroscience master’s program offers two options. The thesis option requires a 6-credit thesis and is designed for students who are interested in research positions or who plan to pursue doctoral training in the future. The non-thesis option requires a 3-credit research paper that integrates a particular applied/clinical interest with coursework. This option is intended as an appropriate terminal degree for students pursuing advancement in non-research positions.

The neuroscience program is unique because it provides research opportunities in clinical neuroscience, neurophysiology, and basic neuroscience. Students interested in doing a thesis project will be directed towards instructors/laboratories that work in the area of the student’s interest. We have had great success placing students in laboratories in the biology and psychology departments here at the University of Hartford, as well as in top-notch laboratories at the UCONN Health Center and Trinity College.

Upon completion of our neuroscience graduate program, students have gone on to high quality doctoral programs in states including Connecticut, Florida, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. In addition, our alumni are working in careers ranging from laboratory research technicians to sales representatives for pharmaceutical companies. Many of our students are practicing professionals in physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other areas who just want to advance their education and improve the quality of their care for others.

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