Master of Science and Sixth-Year Certificate in School Psychology
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Master of Science and Sixth-Year Certificate in School Psychology

The school psychology program in the Department of Psychology at the University of Hartford is an integrated, 69-credit program of study designed to lead to both the Master of Science, with a specialization in clinical child counseling, and a sixth-year certificate and endorsement for professional certification as a school psychologist. The program reflects an integrated approach to professional psychology. It is designed to prepare school psychologists with particular competencies to work with children, families, and educational programs. The program is designed to prepare highly qualified practitioners whose primary role is to maximize learning and developmental opportunities for children and adolescents. Students will also develop an appreciation for the impact of educational and developmental opportunities throughout the life span.

Specifically, the program strives to produce clinicians who will meet employment demands requiring services involving:

  • Assessment and diagnosis
  • Counseling and intervention
  • Consultation and collaboration

The school psychology program is nationally approved through the National Association of School Psychologists and Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Educator Preparation.

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