Joyce Ashuntantang, PhD
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Joyce Ashuntantang, PhD

Associate Professor

Hillyer Hall 265


PhD   City University of New York  |   MA   City University of New York  |   BA   University of Yaound


African Literature and Film, Textual/Bibliographic studies (Africa), African-American Literature and culture.

Publications (selected):

Landscaping Postcoloniality: The Dissemination of Anglophone Cameroon Literature. Bamenda, Cameroon. Langaa Publishers, 2009.
Their Campaign Party will End: Poems in Honor of Bate Besong. Ed. Joyce Ashuntantang and Tande Dibussi., Bamenda, Cameroon: Langaa Publishers 2008
"Between Metaphor and Metonymy: A Reading of Three Anglophone Cameroon Playwrights." Revue Internationale Des Arts, Lettres Et Sciences Sociales, University of Yaoundé I, Vol. 1, No. 2, July 2008, Yaoundé: Africana Publications, pp. 75-92.
"Fifty years after Things Fall Apart: Interview with Chinua Achebe." with Okey Ndibe, Sawore Omoyele and Oyiza Adaba in Summit Magazine May-Jul 2008: 9-14.
"The African Professor and the Pedagogy of African-American Literature." Making Connections Vol. 9, No 3-4, spring 2005 pp 4-17.
"Writing Culture, Writing Gender: Scripting Potent Secrets" in Crossing Borders. Ed. Anne Schroeder, Münster-Germany: Lit Verlag, 2004. pp. 43-51.
Potent Secrets: a 140mins Video Film shot in Yaoundé Cameroon. Akobat Global Entertainment 2001.
"Hollywood and Representations of Human Rights in Terry George's Hotel Rwanda" in Hollywood's Africa After 1994. Ed. Mary Ellen Higgins. (Forthcoming) Ohio University Press: 2010.

I advise students with interests in:

English, Finding a major and extracurricular activities.

Why you enjoy teaching Hillyer students:

I enjoy teaching Hillyer students because small class sizes put every Hillyer student in a "front row" seat and as a result I get to know each student as an individual with his/her own needs and talents.