Minor in Africana Studies
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Minor in Africana Studies

Upper-level Africana studies courses have a minimum writing requirement of 3,000 words, including examinations, reports, and term papers. This requirement must be filled in part by a written paper that is to be read, commented on, and evaluated by the instructor and returned in time to allow for revision and reevaluation.

Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 2.0 in courses required to complete the minor. All courses required for the minor must be taken for a letter grade.

Course Requirements for the Africana Studies Minor 

Declare a Minor in Africana Studies

In order to declare a minor in Africana studies, please complete the highlighted sections of the change/add a minor form. Next, you should get your current major advisor's signature, acknowledging that the advisor is aware of your intent to minor in Africana studies. Then, Assistant Professor Adryan Wallace, the program director, must sign your form. Once these signatures have been obtained, the form should be returned to H 204 or 205.

Download the form.