Independent Contract Major
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Independent Contract Major

Since 1973, the College of Arts and Sciences has had a successful program which allows interested and capable students to propose their own interdisciplinary contract major (ICM) if one of the existing traditional departmental majors does not meet their individual educational or career objectives. This option has greatly enlarged the number of possible “majors” offered within the standard curriculum, and encourages students to take advantage of the full range of course offerings throughout the colleges of the University.


Most students, especially those who plan to pursue graduate studies in the established disciplines, will continue to find the traditional departmental majors their best avenue for exploring in depth a single field of study. Because of the wide latitude in unspecified electives, it has always been and will continue to be possible for these students to complete a departmental major and still choose courses in other disciplines in response to their particular interests and talents.

The ICM program, however, makes it possible for students under the guidance of a faculty advisor, to design a coherent, planned course of study toward a clear goal that transcends existing majors.

For example...

The number and kinds of interdisciplinary contract majors that may be proposed are virtually limitless. A student whose interests center upon American studies, for example, may plan a major concentration that includes American literature, history, philosophical thought, politics, art, music, drama, and other studies among the various disciplines specifically addressing the American experience. Programs have also been approved in such areas as Environmental Administration, Behavioral Science in Management, Arts and Administration, and Dietetics.

How do I declare a Contract Major?