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A to Z Directory
Please select a letter or number from the list below:

(ENHP) - Main Number860.768.4377  
(ENHP) - Main Number860.768.4520  
Academic Services(Barney) - Main Number860.768.4444  
Academic Studies(Hartt) - Main Number860.768.4895  
Accounting & Taxation(Barney) - Main Number860.768.4576  
Admission & SFA - Main Number860.768.4296  
Admissions(Hartt) - Main Number860.768.4465  
Adult Academic Services - Main Number860.768.5010noneWebsite
African-American Studies(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4310 Website
Art History(Art) - Main 
Athletics - Main Number860.768.4638  
Biology(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4531  
Bursar - Main Number860.768.4205 Website
Career Services - Main Number860.768.4287  
Chemistry(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4531  
Cinema(A&S) - Main Number860.768.5544  
College Administration(Hillyer) - Main Number860.768.4708  
Community Division(Hartt) - Main Number860.768.4451  
Community Division(Hartt) - Main Number860.768.6000dancedesk@hartford.eduWebsite
Computer Science(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4306 Website
Conferences - Main Number860.768.4951  
Construction Institute - Main Number860.768.5659admin@construction.orgWebsite
CT Space Grant - Main Number860.768.4813ctspgrant@hartford.eduWebsite
Dean's Office(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4250  
Dean's Office(Art) - Main Number860.768.4392  
Dean's Office(CETA) - Main Number860.768.4844  
Department of Education(ENHP) - Main Number860.768.4520 Website
Department of Rehabilitation Sciences(ENHP) - Main Number860.768.5419 Website
Economics/Finance/Insurance(Barney) - Main Number860.768.4581  
English Language Institute - Main Number860.768.4399 Website
English(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4315  
Facilities - Main Number860.768.7925  
Faculty Center for Learning Dev. - Main Number860.768.4661fcld@hartford.eduWebsite
Finance & Administration - Main Number860.768.5307  
Financial Accounting - Main Number860.768.4651 Website
Health Services - Main Number860.768.6601  
History(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4234  
Howie's Printery - Main Number860.768.4370  
Human Resources Development - Main Number860.768.4666  
Information Technology Services - Main Number860.768.4607  
Instrumental Studies(Hartt) - Main Number860.768.4461  
Management/Marketing(Barney) - Main Number860.768.4566  
Marketing and Communication, Office of - Main Number860.768.4610  
Mathematics(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4306  
Media Technology Services - Main Number860.768.4643  
Paralegal Studies - Main Number860.768.5463  
Payroll - Main Number860.768.4579payroll@hartford.eduWebsite
Philosophy(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4743  
Physics(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4306  
Politics & Government(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4234  
President's Office - Main Number860.768.4417  
Provost's Office - Main Number860.768.4505  
Psychology(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4544  
Psychology(A&S) - Main 
Public Safety - Main 
Purchasing - Main Number860.768.5514  
Reading and Writing, Center for - Main Number860.768.4312  
Registrar - Main Number860.768.4999  
Residential Life - Main Number860.768.7792  
Rhetoric and Professional Writing(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4743  
School of Communication(A&S) - Main Number860.768.4633  
Sports Center - Main Number860.768.5070  
Student Administrative Service Center - Main Number860.768.4999  
Student Affairs - Main Number860.768.4285  
Student Centers - Main Number860.768.4283  
Student Conduct Administration - Main 
Student Success Center & Orientation - Main 
Summer Place - Main Number860.768.4432  
Theatre(Hartt) - Main Number860.768.2460  
van Rooy Center for Complexity & Conflict Analysis - Main 
Vocal(Hartt) - Main Number860.768.4469  
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