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FAQs Allen Library Move

What You Really Need To Know

The Allen Library has moved to its new facility on the lower level of the recently renamed Harrison Libraries (the building where Mortensen Library and Starbucks® are located).

More information is detailed in the answers to the frequently asked questions below. 

More information is detailed in the answers to the frequently asked questions below.

What happened? Where did Allen go?

This year the Harrison Libraries were expanded to add a three-story, 8,300 square-foot addition to the back of the building where Mortensen and Starbucks® are located. This expansion includes a new 6,475-square-foot space on the lower level into which the Allen Library (the music/dance library) moved (May 2017) and where it maintains a distinct identity. Together, the Allen and Mortensen Libraries make up the Harrison Libraries.

In its new location, the Allen Library is a “library within a library,” with its own entrance inside the Harrison Libraries building, and is similar in size and functionality to the old Allen Library. It continues to serve as a learning hub and intellectual center for The Hartt School, and its services, collections, and facilities remain open to the entire University community. Users still have one-stop access to Allen’s collections, services, and research and technical assistance. 

What is happening to the old Allen Library space?

The Allen Library’s old space will be renovated to become a new home for the University’s Maurice Greenberg Center for Judaic Studies.

Can I see what the new Allen Library will look like?

Yes! We are open in the new space! To visit “New Allen,” go into the Mortensen Library, downstairs to the lower level, then toward the large red bulletin board. Allen’s glass door is to the left. Feel free to browse. We are also happy to take you on a tour or answer questions!

You can see a floorplan and artist rendering online here

What is the same or different in the new Allen Library?

Same (or enhanced):
  • A separate library for music/dance materials, with full staffing and collections.
  • Individual and group study spaces, listening stations, computers, printing, scanning, etc.
  • Two seminar rooms with computer and AV projection (with upgraded equipment). The large seminar room is bigger and more flexible in the new space.
  • Three listening/viewing rooms with upgraded equipment. These rooms are bigger, and have better soundproofing and ambiance than the old space.
Different (and in most cases, better!):  
  • CDs are now accessible for public browsing.

  • Public restrooms and water fountain are on the same floor as Allen.

  • Elevator more accessible (and does not require staff assistance).

  • Power outlets on study tables.

  • Easier access to copy card machine, other scanners, other study areas, and café.

  • Music/dance current journals more visible to users.

  • Bound periodicals located just outside of new Allen, down the hall.

  • Compact mobile shelving on rails (see below for more info). (And may we add, the place is looking good. Summer students enjoyed spending time in Allen!)

What is compact mobile shelving?

With compact mobile shelving, rows of shelves are attached to tracks and can be moved back and forth. Instead of having an aisle between each row of shelves, there is only one aisle for the entire area. To get into a different aisle, you turn a crank to move the whole row over until you open up an aisle for the shelf you need. The cranks are easy to use and have locks that you can set before you walk into the aisle.

I am teaching a class this fall. What should I do about course reserves? 

The procedures are the same as before. Please submit your reserve lists as soon as possible so we can have all materials ready for the start of the semester in the new Allen Library. Contact Mike Anderson (, 860.768.4459) if you have more questions. Due to challenges inherent in any new facility, processing may take a bit longer than usual. We appreciate your patience!

Do I check out materials in Allen or at the Mortensen circulation desk? Or, I need to return or renew my library materials. Where do I go?

Check out Allen materials at Allen’s desk, inside Allen. Generally you should return materials to Allen as well. If you leave items at Mortensen’s circulation desk, they will get to us, but will not be checked in right away. Please return recording equipment directly to Allen. As before, you can renew in person, online, or via phone.

Have your hours changed?

At this writing, Allen’s hours remain substantially the same (neither cut nor extended). We are making small adjustments since we are now inside another library. For example, on Fridays in the summer, Allen closed at 4:30 p.m. instead of 5 p.m. most weeks since the Mortensen Library closed at that time. Find our hours here

Where can I pay my Allen Library fines?

You still pay your fines at Allen. Fines should not have accrued during the relocation period (Saturday, May 20 through Sunday, June 4), but they did accrue for the days before and after the move, and lost items will still incur replacement charges. If you have other issues related to fines, please contact Mike Anderson (, 860.768.4459).

Can I still borrow recording equipment (audio recorders, video camcorders, tripods, microphones)?

Recording equipment is still available at Allen! If you have questions, please contact Mike Anderson (, 860.768.4459). 

Are there still seminar rooms in Allen? Will my class still be there? Same equipment?

Yes! We have two seminar rooms (large and small). All reservations should have transferred. The large room (HJG L132) holds at least 20 people. The small room (HJG L136) holds fewer right now than the old room (6 to 7 comfortably, 8 to 9 tight). Equipment is as good or better. Yes, we have music keyboards (electronic). Yes computers, turntables, video projection, and speakers. AppleTV screensharing is on the way.

To inquire about reservations, contact Mike Anderson (, 860.768.4459).

Where can I go to listen to music or watch videos?

The new audiovisual equipment is now available!  Visit the listening stations or listening/viewing rooms in the new Allen Library space. The equipment also allows you to connect your mobile devices and play through headphones, speakers, or video monitors.

Can I reserve a listening/view room? Are they only for Hartt students?

At this writing, the rooms are unlocked, and listening stations and listening/viewing rooms generally are first-come first-served for anyone at the University, with priority given to those using equipment for curricular-related work (any major) that requires listening or assigned video viewing (e.g., music study, class prep, research, or prep for rehearsals or lessons), especially if items are from Allen’s collection. We may revert to locking rooms and have users check out keys at the service desk. Upstairs, the Mortensen Library has additional collaboration stations and rooms where students can project their computer screens! 

Where can I go to study, use a computer, or print, scan, or copy materials?

Computers (Mac OS), printing, scanning, copying equipment, and study areas are still available in Allen. Computers (Windows) are also available on the other floors in Mortensen, along with the copy card refill machine and additional scanners, printers, copiers, study areas, and collaboration stations. 

If I have a music/dance research question, or need help finding music, who can help me?

We are still here to help! You can visit, call, email, or use our chat service. We are available on a drop in or appointment basis… whatever works for you. Start with Lisa Wollenberg (, 860.768.4840) or visit our online help service here

Will there be a grand opening or celebration?

We will be welcoming users to the new Allen Library space with events in fall 2017.

How to Reach Us

As always, you can visit, email, or call.

Tracey Rudnick, Head of Allen Library

Lisa Wollenberg, Public Services Librarian

Mike Anderson, Public Services Coordinator

Jennifer Olson, Technical Services Librarian