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Wednesday, January 28

In the aftermath of the winter storm, the University of Hartford is operating on a normal schedule.

Move your vehicle to allow for snow removal in parking lots.

current as of 4:20 p.m., Jan. 28, 2015

Directions to Log in to and Navigate CASHNet For Students

Log in to CASHNet, entering your University ID in the login box and Self-Service PIN in the password one. If you cannot remember your PIN, contact the University of Hartford Help Desk Services at x4357 (HELP) or from off campus at 1-844-292-3213 to have it reset. After logging in, you will be directed to the Student Dashboard. From here, you can view recent activity on your account, make payments, view bills, and add authorized payers.

To pay bills or deposit to your student account:

  • Click "your account" or "make a payment" at the top of the page
  • Choose the appropriate link under the payment selection list
  • Enter the dollar amount you would like to pay
  • Click "add to shopping cart" (You can edit or delete the payment at this time, continue shopping or checkout.)
  • Click "continue shopping" to add another type of payment to the account, or click "checkout" to finalize payment

To pay by credit or debit card,

  • Choose "enter new credit card information" 
  • Click "continue checkout" (There is a 2.75% convenience fee for using your card.)
  • Fill in your credit card and card holder information (At the bottom of the screen, you have the option to save this payment method for future use.)
  • Click "continue checkout"
  • Verify that the payment information is correct
  • Click "submit" 
To pay by electronic check or e-check (ACH),
  • Choose "enter new electronic check information" 
  • Click "continue checkout"
  • Fill in your account routing and account number, account type, and account holder name information (At the bottom of the screen, you have the option to save this payment method for future use.)
  • Click "continue checkout"
  • Verify that the payment information is correct
  • Click "submit"

Once you complete your payments, you will see a screen that shows "transaction approved." This is your receipt, and you receive an e-mail with this information at the address you provided in your account. You also have the option to e-mail another receipt to someone else or view a printable receipt.

You can sign out at this time or click "your account" at the top of the page to return to the dashboard. You will see the payment you just made under "your recent payments."

To authorize parents, guardians or others to pay bills:

  • Log in to CASHNet
  • Set up Parent PINs by clicking the "add new link" under the Parent PINs area of the dashboard
  • Enter a login name (ex. Joe Smith) in the appropriate box
  • Enter an email address for the authorized payer (You can add a note that is included in the email sent to the authorized payer.)
  • Set the default to yes for the options "can this person login" and "can this person get bill notification by email" (You can change it later if necessary.)
  • Click OK

This sends an email to the person you entered as an authorized payer and includes a link that directs this person to set up set up his or her account. The authorized payer can see account information, view bills, see recent activity, and has the ability to change the default password and email the e-bill should go to. This can be changed at any time to any valid email address.