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Financial Responsibility Policy

Withdrawal Policy

Refund Policies

In order to withdraw and to receive financial credit, a student must complete a change of program form.  Nonattendance does not constitute a withdrawal, and no deduction is made for temporary absence from classes.  No refund of any fees or charges is made if a student is suspended, dismissed, or leaves the University without formally withdrawing.

Because the University assumes various contractual obligations for instruction and other services throughout the year and bases its budget upon full collection of all charges from all registered students, effective with the date the student notifies the Registrar's Office in writing, tuition refunds based upon full payment will be made in accordance with the following:

Requests for withdrawal must be submitted in writing to the Registrar/SASC offices. In determining the percentages of financial adjustment on the tuition amount, the effective date of withdrawal will be the date on which the Registrar/SASC offices receive notice of withdrawal in writing, rather than the last day of class attendance. Nonattendance does not constitute withdrawal. The $30.00 registration fee and parking permit fee are not refundable. Laboratory and technology fees are not refundable after classes begin and, therefore, are not subject to pro-ration. Please refer to the current University Bulletin for complete withdrawal procedures. Students receiving Title IV funds are subject to Federal Regulatory Refund Policies. 

The following information explains tuition adjustments. 

FALL & SPRING TERMS                                    Tuition Adjustment

Withdrawal prior to and within the first week of classes               100%

Withdrawal within the second week of classes                              60%

Withdrawal within the third week of classes                                  40%

Withdrawal within the fourth week of classes                                20%

Withdrawal after the fourth week of classes                                    0%


Session of three weeks or less
Withdrawal prior to the beginning of classes:

Tuition: 100% refundable
Laboratory Fees: 100% refundable
Registration Fee: nonrefundable

Withdrawal after classes begin: Tuition and Fees: nonrefundable

Session of four weeks or more
Withdrawal prior to the start of classes and within the first week of classes:

Tuition: 100% refundable
Laboratory Fees: 100% refundable
Registration Fee: nonrefundable

 Withdrawal within the second week of classes:

Tuition: 50% refundable
Laboratory and Registration Fees: nonrefundable


There are no refunds given after a course has started.  If you withdraw in writing before the first class meets, you will receive full tuition credit.  The $30.00 registration fee is non-refundable. 

Financial Delinquency

Any student failing to pay his or her account fees with the University on or before the day it is due may be excluded from all classes, lectures, laboratories, examinations, co-curricular activities, and graduation until such payment is made. The student may also be denied grades, transcripts, diplomas, and the opportunity to register for subsequent terms if payment is not made when due or if the student's debt to the University is discharged in bankruptcy proceedings. A default charge of 1.5 % per month on any unpaid balance may be charged until all fees are paid in full. If, in the judgment of the University, it becomes necessary to engage the services of a collection agency or attorney to obtain payment, the student must pay an additional collection fee of 15% of the principle balance plus any attorney fees, reasonable expenses, and other costs incurred, to the maximum extent allowed by Connecticut law.