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Personnel Transaction Deadlines for Fiscal Year End

Fiscal Year End deadlines are posted each year in UNotes with the exact processing deadlines for the respective fiscal year. Please see below for the FY2015 end and FY2016 start memo for personnel transaction processing:

As we are quickly approaching the end of FY2015 and the start of FY2016, the Budget, Human Resources and Payroll offices have some year-end deadlines for you to keep in mind:

Personnel Action Forms (PAF) or Employment Rosters for additional year-end assignments (T1 and F9) submitted to the Budget Office on or before May 19, 2015 will be charged to the current fiscal year budget (FY2015).  Paperwork received after May 19, 2015 may be charged to FY2016. 

All temporary part-time employees, including staff (F0, F5, T2,and R1) and student assignments (T3), end as of June 30, 2015.  To continue the assignments for temporary part-time employees in the new fiscal year, a REACTIVATE EPAF must be submitted for FY2016. The EPAF must be submitted by June 12 in order to complete necessary approvals and meet the payroll processing timeframes.

All faculty contracts and contract modifications for FY2016 must be received by June 1, 2015.

Exempt Staff (A2 and A6) who are employed on an academic year schedule are required to submit Personnel Action Forms (PAFs) to the Budget Office indicating the work schedule for the new fiscal year through the normal routing process by May 19, 2015.  Non-Exempt Staff (N2 and N4) should be processed via an ePAF with the full working scheduled included in the comment field. This is necessary to set these employees up for salary payment in the new fiscal year. 

We are committed to working towards the needs of the department, however where feasible, please try to combine days off to a range of consecutive days or limit individual days.  FY2016 academic working schedules may be completed after July 1st if the scheduled start date begins after July 1, 2015.  A subsequent PAF (exempt academic year)/ePAF (non-exempt academic year) must be submitted only if changes occur after the initial PAF was forwarded.


Please confirm that sufficient funds are available in a budget line to ensure the timely processing and payment.  If you need a report of the budget that will roll on July 1, 2015 to confirm budget availability, please contact the Budget Office at

Thank you for your cooperating in advance and we look forward to a smooth and successful fiscal year 2015 end and fiscal year 2016 start.