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Direct Deposit

What Is Direct Deposit?
Direct deposit is a safe and easy way to have your money deposited directly into your checking or savings account. When you use direct deposit, you allow the Payroll Department to electronically transfer a fixed dollar amount or net check into bank accounts of your choice.

Benefits of Direct Deposit

  • It's convenient—no more standing in line at the bank to deposit or cash your check.
  • It's safe—protects against the loss or theft of checks.
  • It's reliable—timely and reliable, funds are accessible earlier.
  • You can still access your paycheck, even if you're out of town, sick, or busy.
  • It helps you manage your money—you can have your paycheck deposited into multiple accounts.

How Do I use Direct Deposit?
Complete a direct deposit authorization form to establish a direct deposit account.  The following bank information is required:

  • Routing number:
    The first set of numbers that appear at the bottom of your bank-issued checks. The routing number is always nine digits long. If you are unsure of your routing number, please contact your bank.
  • Account number:
    Your complete account number(s)
  • Account type:
    Indicate checking or savings account.
  • Verification of the account:
    Provide a void check or documentation of savings account number from your bank.

Prenote process:
A prenote process is required by the bank for each new direct deposit account that is recorded in the system. During this period a paper check will be issued while the account is tested. Your direct deposit will usually start within one to two pay periods. You will receive a direct deposit advice that details your gross pay and associated deductions and the net amount deposited to your bank account.

Link to form:
Direct Deposit Form (PDF)*

Remember to notify the Payroll Department immediately of any bank account changes.

Stopping a Direct Deposit

Notify the Payroll Department immediately to stop direct deposit for an upcoming payment.

A new direct deposit authorization request must be submitted to the Payroll Department for any changes.

Do not close an account before stopping your direct deposit. If you close an account before the Payroll Department is notified, payment may be delayed while funds are recovered. An off-cycle check is then generated.

Direct deposit remains in effect until you request to inactivate it.

Changing a Direct Deposit
Changes to direct deposit accounts generally take one to two pay periods to process. An actual check will be issued between the inactivation of your current account and the activation of your new account unless you choose to waive the prenote process.

Reporting Accounts Closed Due to Fraudulent Activity
Please contact the Payroll Department immediately if your direct deposit account must be closed due to fraudulent account activity. If the Payroll Department receives notice regarding a closed account after Tuesday of a pay week, your payment may be delayed.