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Payroll Calendar and Codes

2015  Annual Payroll Calendar

2016 Annual Payroll Calendar

Earnings and Deduction Codes (pay-stub listings)
Not all codes pertain to every position.

Code on CheckDescription
Vac—Vacation Pay
Holiday—Holiday Pay
Ext Ill—Extended Illness
Wker Inj—Worker Injury
Emg Clsg—Emergency Closing
Univ Cls—University Closing
Reg Def—Regular Accural
Sabb 60—Sabbatical @ 60%
Retro—Retro Pay
Shift 2—Premium for Working Shift 2
Shift 3—Premium for Working Shift 3
Shft Ret—Retro Shift  Premium
C/G Rate—Chief/Grounds Rate–Temp Trans
Ot 1 ½—Overtime @ One and a Half
Ot Stght—Overtime Straight Pay
Ot Spec—Overtime Special Events @ One and a Half

Retro Ot—Overtime Retro Pay
Txhcprem—Taxable Healthcare Premium
Tax Tuit—Taxable Tuition
Ovrld/Sp—Suppl Special/Overload Pay
Studntsa—Student Salary


Tax Deductions
CT INCTX—CT State Income Tax
FED WITH—Federal Income Tax
OASDI—Old-Age Disability Insurance (Social Security)

MEDICARE—Medicare Insurance
ADDL MED—Additional Medicare Tax for income over $200,000

Insurance Deductions

UHCDBP—United Healthcare Deductible Base Plan
UHCPOS—United Healthcare POS
HTH SVG—Health Savings Account
DEP LIFE—Dependent Child Life Insurance
AUTO/HOM—Travelers Auto/Home Insurance
LTCARE—Long-Term Care Insurance
PERS ACC—Personal Accident Insurance
SUPL LIF—Supplemental Life Insurance
SPOUSELF—Spousal Life Insurance

Flexible Spending Contributions

DEP CARE—Dependent Care
MED REIM—Health Care

Tax Shelter Annuity Contributions (403b)

TSA Basc—TIAA/CREF Defined Employee Contribution
TSA Addt—TIAA/CREF Additional Employee Contribution
TSA Supp—TIAA/CREF Tax Deferred Annuity Supplemental Employee Contribution