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General FAQ

1. Who must submit research proposals to the Human Subjects Committee (HSC) for approval?

In general, any researcher (student, faculty or staff) who wants to include humans as subjects of a research project that will be made public should submit their project to the HSC well before the start of data collection. In-class activities, that will remain in-class, do not need to be approved by the HSC. Being made "public" includes activities intended for publication, conference or symposia presentation, or degree requirements.

2. What must be submitted to the HSC?

Researchers should complete the Proposal Transmittal Form available from this site and submit two copies of the completed form to the HSC. Do not provide the HSC with thesis or dissertation proposals. The Transmittal Form has established items that require discussion. Also submit proof of CITI human subjects training for all research personnel. All surveys, questionnaires or interview questions must be provided as part of the Transmittal Form.

3. How long will it take the HSC to review a research proposal?

The HSC has a policy that submitted proposals will be reviewed and responded to within three to four weeks.

4. What is the process if a co-researcher is not from the University of Hartford?

The approval process is essentially the same. The University of Hartford's HSC must approve a research proposal that includes a member of the University community (student, faculty or staff). This may mean that a research proposal needs to be approved by more than one institution.

5. What is the process if a University of Hartford researcher wishes to use a subject pool outside the University (for instance at another college or university, at an outside clinic or agency)?

Researchers must obtain written permission from the outside entity to access those subjects. For example, if students from another university are to be part of the subject pool, written permission from that institution must be obtained, and this approval must be included in the Proposal Transmittal Form submitted to the University of Hartford HSC. The same guidelines apply to clients of outside agencies or clinics.

6. What is the process if a researcher from outside the University of Hartford wants to use University students, faculty or staff as research subjects?

Any proposed research using members of the University community as subjects must be approved by the University of Hartford HSC prior to initiation of the study. This approval process may also include obtaining approval from a specific department, faculty member or college dean in order to gain access to a specific population of the campus.