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Donors who make our work possible


July 1, 2016–June 30, 2017

Thanks to the support of donors like you, The Women’s Advancement Initiative, formerly WELFund (Women’s Education and Leadership Fund), is able to make
a significant difference in the lives of women and girls. 

We honor and thank you for helping us advance women’s potential in the Hartford College for Women tradition.

Every attempt has been made to record and honor gifts from our donors accurately. If you note any errors, please accept our most sincere apology and contact us at or 860.768.5289 so that we can correct our records.


Jewish Communal Fund
Barry N. Lastra
Lucille M. Nickerson and Ralph Zegarelli
Karen Gibbs Orefice A’65 (HCW) and Jerry A. Orefice ’66
Kate Farrow Stoddard A’72 (HCW)
Janet Cassells Sweet A’65 (HCW)
Mildred S. Weissman


Deanna and Tokunbo Akinbajo
Miriam B. Butterworth
Kelly J. Daly ’14
Nancy G. and Paul D. Dean
Amy Jaffe Barzach P’20 and Peter I. Barzach P’20
Valerie Fleming Lewis A’62 (HCW) and Thomas R. Lewis Jr.
Patricia A. McKinley A’72 (HCW)
Bobbi McNeil ’94
Karen and Marc A. Reich
Marilyn Hunter Ross A’56 (HCW)
David A. Schupp ’63
Susan Rafferty Williams M’78 and Eliot P. Williams


Marilyn Feinberg Rothstein ’79
Nancy A. Brennan
Joyce C. and Harold C. Buckingham Jr.
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
Marcia L. and John W. Hincks
Perry Daniels Huntington A’71 (HCW), ’73 and Gregory Huntington 
Debra M. Javit A’83 (HCW)
Elizabeth S. Ivey and Robert L. Klein 
Louise Earle Loomis M’78
Worth Loomis
Gail Brotherton Meyers A’58 (HCW)
Sally Newell P’71 and Maxwell M. Belding
Gail Sparrell Pease A’65 (HCW) and Thomas E. Pease


Margaret R. Neese M’03 and Edward Bowes
Beth Ann Loveland Sennett A’77 (HCW) D’15 and Thomas S. Sennett
Katrina Turner


Joanne Rydel Ackman A’64 (HCW) and Robert S. Ackman 
Joanne E. Beers A’72 (HCW) and Earl C. Cree II 
Kathleen Behrens ’85 and Gerald A. O’Reilly 
Winsome D. Blissett A’77 (HCW), ’80 
Sandra Bruggemann A’89 (HCW), P’87 
Paula Tierney Buscemi A’65 
Cherie E. Caluda 
Lisa Christensen Petersen A’76 (HCW) and Raymond E. Petersen, Jr. 
Margaret Curtis Cornely A’72 (HCW) and Edward P. Cornely 
Sandee and Paul A. Coumes P’16 
Linda W. and John Fiske 
Gemma Fontanella Ebstein A’81 (HCW) and Alan Ebstein 
Patricia C. Furnivall 
Carol Stern Gendel A’67 (HCW) 
Beverly P. and Arnold C. Greenberg 
Ruth E. Harlow A’67 (HCW) 
Rhea P. Higgins 
Grace E. Jacobs A’50 
Spring and Anthony Johns P’20 
Karen H. Kellerman and Peter Arakas 
Paul J. Krause ’13 
Annamarie Lavieri A’65 (HCW) and Albert C. Gunther 
Dulcy M. Lecour A’72 (HCW) and Charles Fujita 
Susan L. and Robert M. Miller ’72, M’79 
Jeanne Marie and Jeffrey M. Novak P’16 
Veronica R. and Joseph T. Pastier P’16 
Barbara Grosso Peterson A’65 (HCW) and Kenneth Peterson 
Marie Castagno Pezzlo A’63 (HCW) and Frank Pezzlo 
Marjorie Watters Pray A’56 and Monroe Pray, Jr. 
Arathi Rao–Pinto P’17 and Colin D. Pinto P’17 
Beverly Rewa Rosetta A’64 (HCW) 
Paola Sacchetti 
Anne Sherrerd Scanlon M’70 
Dorothy M. Schwobel A’52 (HCW) 
Olga L. Sharp 
Sharon T. Shepela and Adam Shepela 
Rita Alberici Shesler A’66 (HCW) and Albert T. Shesler 
Melanie Fisher Tighe A’76 (HCW) 
Diane and Peter Ullman 
Lisa Weisinger Roland 
Joseph Wells 
Esther Scheinblum Yeck A’70 (HCW) 

Up to $99

Arielle A. C. Accédé ’17 
Jennifer R. Accuosti ’17 
Linda and Thomas D. Accuosti P’17 
Jane M. Barstow and Norman Barstow M’77 
Melanie Bazer A’89 (HCW) 
The Benevity Community Impact Fund 
Claire L. Bergin C’03 (HCW) 
Susan Levin Bergman C’90 (HCW) and Bruce E. Bergman ’66 
Frances Finesilver Blumenthal C’60 (HCW), ’62 and Samuel F. Blumenthal 
Kaitlin R. Bosetti ’17 
Mary Ann and Joseph F. Bosetti P’17 
Elizabeth Leigh Bradley and David H. Goldenberg A’73, ’76, M’76 
Inga H. Buhrmann 
Eleanor Caplan 
Anne Tkac Carubba A’68 (HCW) and Ronald A. Carubba 
Rosanne J. Casale–Daigneault A’66 (HCW) and Brian M. Daigneault 
Caryn Christensen 
Claudia A. Clark A’78 (HCW) 
Heather J. Corbett and Todd Bamford 
Jena M. Corbett ’17 
Marcia and Alan Cornell 
Alexandra Morley Coury ’08, M’10 and John D. Coury ’08
Kathleen A. Czarnota C’99 (HCW) 
Rosanna Albino D’Aprile ’83 and Daniel V. D’Aprile Sr. 
Valencia Dawson 
Carolyn de Liefde 
Theresa J. DeFreitas ’18 
Kendra J. Dowd A’74 (HCW) and David A. Fechtor 
Esther A. L. U. Dronyi ’17 
Natalie E. Ewashkow ’17 
Alicia Farrell Favata ’09 and Sam P. Favata ’08 
Ashley Haller Fedigan ’06, M’08 
Susan M. Filupeit A’67 (HCW) 
Casey M. Fish 
Susan S. Fitzgerald 
Sandra Nowicki Garick A’62 (HCW) and Bruce S. Garick 
Helen Daley Giunta A’76 (HCW), ’79 and Joseph A. Giunta 
Patricia Katz Goldstein A’59 (HCW) and Arnold Goldstein 
Catherine Harger ’17 
Linda and James M. Harrison P’17 
Mary E. Harrison ’17 
Debra Bohren Hart A’81 (HCW) and Kevin Hart 
Catharine Durdan Howell A’65 (HCW), ’74 and E. Keith Howell 
Denise Amidon Jacobson A’71 (HCW) and Walter Jacobson Jr. 
Astrid E. Jarvis ’86 
Noemi Jiminian ’17 
Eleta A. Jones and David S. Thompson 
Breanna F. Karabeinikoff 
Alexandra Wojcechowsky Karriker A’63 (HCW) and Robert J. Karriker 
Amy M. Kratzer ’17 
Christine and David Kratzer P’17 
Kochava R. Krieger ’17 
Andrea T. Kwaczala 
Barbara Cook Langner A’72 (HCW) 
Beth Larkins–Strathy D’07 and John Strathy 
Anna and Wing C. Lau P’16 
Yingcui L. Li and Jaso Zhong 
Lisa and Edward F. McPhee P’17 
Louise Brideau Melanson A’05, ’13, P’07, ’10 and Robert Melanson P’07, ’10 
Dania Melendez ’17 
Donna A. Menhart M’89, P’16, ’18 and Joseph R. Menhart P’16, ’18
Patricia A. Moran M’83, M’87 
Sandra W. Morgan 
Lida A. Mullarkey 
Shannon Mumley M’17 
Donna S. and William J. Neary III 
Karen Van Heusen Norton A’66 (HCW) 
Joan D. Ottolenghi 
Cassandra J. Pastier ’16 
Karishma Pinto ’17 
Samantha B. C. Pulley ’15, M’17 
Lindsey W. and Jonathan G. Richman P’17 
Carlson Rogers Jr. 
Kelvin Rogers 
Alison Heath Rusczyk A’78 (HCW), P’10, ’10 
Patricia Madfis Salner M’78 and Andrew L. Salner 
Jennifer L. Sanborn and Matthew P. Burch 
Caitlin N. Simard ’11, M’15 
Carissa L. Sirois M’13 
Joan Fink Sittard A’81, ’83
and Paul A. Sittard ’85 
Sharon Lindquist Skelley ’75 and
Thomas Skelley 
Sharon W. and Robert H. Smith Jr. 
Samantha L. Sokoloski 
Karen Sullivan M’08 and Keith A. Campagna 
Jeffrey Tamborello 
Nicole G. Tomasik ’16 
Gia A. Vasquez ’17 
W. George Viering 
Marcy Bufithis Webster ’02 and William A. Webster II