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Multimedia Web Design and Development

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Multimedia Web Design and Development (MWD2) program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate major leading to a Bachelor of Arts. Areas of study typically include Web-design principles, management information systems, problem solving and decision making, technical writing, and Internet programming. A series of project-based courses further develops students’ skills in multimedia, software development, computer networks, the Internet, and content creation–editing for various information formats, such as hypertext, sound, image, and typography. The degree is composed of three interrelated parts: general education, the major (core and specialization), and general electives. The general education requirements, while substantially similar to those required for a B.A. in the College of Arts and Sciences, have been specifically selected to support the MWD2 major. The major has a core of 30 credits, including three 4-credit courses (MWD 110, MWD 310, MWD 410) that are problem oriented and project based, using real-world multimedia and Web-based problems and projects. Additionally, the major has a specialization requirement of a minimum of 15 credits that allows students to emphasize an area of information technology that meets their interests and career goals. These areas include, but are not limited to, advertising, marketing, media arts, network administration, network manager, human computer interface and multimedia production. Students with different career goals are encouraged to work with the MWD2 faculty committee to create their own area of specialization. MWD2 majors also have 18 credits of general electives that may be used to pursue a second specialization, minor, or other interest.