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Colloquium Program

In 2015, every college is represented by at least one panel.

Undergraduate Research and Creativity Colloquium

Location: Harry Jack Gray Center
Day: Thursday, April 9, 2015

12–12:30 p.m.

Check-in for speakers, audience, and guests. Sandwiches and cold drinks available all afternoon.

Session I
12:30–1:50 p.m.

Room A
Excellence at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research
The NCUR Panel I: BIO, ECON, and MWDD

Michelle LaValle
A&S Biology*
Slowing Alzheimer's Disease with a Ketogenic Diet

Andres Olarte
Futbol es Vida? Estimating the Economic Effects of Hosting the World Cup of Soccer

Natalie Dukette
A&S Economics*
Rethinking the Resource Curse with Complexity Theory

Adam Stankiewicz
Using Visualization to Motivate Student Collaboration in Online Learning Environments
Room B
Rhetoric and Writing

Brittney McCartney, Dylan Healy, and Ronen Wesley
Aristotle and the Art of Rhetoric

Morgan Williams and Laura Ahking 
A&S English
The Zong Project

Angelica Beerbaum
A&S English*
He/She/Other: Characterizing Gender in Fiction
Room C
Making Plans and Solving Problems

Marjorie Gross
collaborate hARTford

Frank Finelli, Naaman Jackson, and Nicholas Mamet
MotionGlo Business Plan

Mohammad Alabdulqader, David Drakes, Mark Markiewicz, and Justin Starr
Developing the Turbomachinery Research Laboratory

Frank Finelli
A Novel Prosthetic Solution to Upper-Limb Deficit

Session II
2:05–3:20 p.m.

Room A
The Psychology of Image & Identity

Marissa Levitt and Hannah Shimanski
A&S Psychology
Little Red Riding Hood Reimagined

Emily Meachon
A&S Psychology #
Examining Links Between Birth Order, Leadership and Success

Brittany Peck
A&S History*
Project Talk Back

Janelle Coore
A&S Psychology*
The Effects of Binaural Beats of Mindfulness Meditation
Room B
Four Poets Reading

Selia Linowes, Seranje Cedrone, Morgan Williams, and Nicole Jewell*
A&S English
The Poem and its Form
Room C
On Foreign Soil: Americans Abroad

Alessandra Albano, Naomy Centeno, Joseph Del Rio, Jaime Lebron, Michael Lipken, Miriam Maili, Kalyn Potter, Gabriele Tripodi, BrandonTurkish, Maya Weiss, and Robert Whipple

Session III
3:30–4:45 p.m.

Room A
History and Religion

Jacob Munro
A&S History
The Silk Road: The Road Most Travelled

Nicole Awad
A&S History
Searching for the Colossus of Rhodes, Greece at the Grandmaster Palace: The Work of Katerina Manoussou-Dellas

Jonah Rothstein
A&S Judaic Studies, International Studies
The Worlds of Sholem Aleichem

Elaine Lampert
A&S Judaic Studies
The Life of a Campaign Fellow: What Worked, What Didn’t, and What Should be Changed
Room B
Political Rights and Revolutions

Kathryn Witham
A&S Politics
The Patriot Act Beyond Terrorism

Florence Weinstein
A&S Politics*
Guantanamo Bay: The Evolution of Habeas Corpus

Tia Whiteman
A&S Philosophy*
The Philosophy and Politics of the Velvet Revolution
Room C
Artistic Icons, Images, and Applications

Theresa Menhart
A Closer Look at Cameras and the Images They Produce

Daria Milas
Hartford Hawks Rebrand

Nicole Coumes
FreshReach: How a Mobile App Can Improve Access to Fresh Food Across All Incomes
Room D
Health and Environmental Sciences

Amber Gipson
A&S Psychology
Nicholas Mastrangelo
A&S Cinema
Revelation and Illustration: Life with Parkinson's Disease

Puja Bhardwaj
The Efficacy Ratio: Exercise in Relation to Cardiovascular Health and Injury Rate

Andrew Partlow
A&S Biology
Park River Water Quality Restoration After Bridge Construction

Katelyn Whitburn
A&S Biology
Biomarkers and Pollutants in Two Shark Populations Impacted by Pollutants
Wilde Auditorium
Engineering Solutions

Sean Rahusen and Jake Schpero
Can Smartphones Replace Thousands of Dollars of Lab Equipment?

Xin Yan K. Zheng and Ethan Bourdeau
A Combined Assessment of Air and Noise Pollution on the High Line, New York City

Rasheed Alfaris
Engineering a Solution for a Prosthetics Application: Temperature-Sensing in the Socket

Session IV
5:00–6:15 p.m.

Room A
Complexity Theory

Emily Meachon
A&S Psychology
Studying the Brain Through Complexity Science

Paa Kwasi Adjei-Frimpong
Drugs and the Complex Human Body

Freeman Demirjian
A&S Philosophy
Complexity and Ethics

Liel Asulin
A&S Int. Studies and Pol. Economics
Complexity in Improvisation: Creating Something Out of Nothing
Room B
Math Principles and Pedagogy

Alexandra Lewis
A Study of Mathematics Intervention Using Continuous Assessment

Gianmarco Molino
A&S Mathematics
Axioms of Set Theory

Chris DeVona
A&S Mathematics
The P-adic Numbers

Steven Gambino
A&S Mathematics
The Collatz Conjecture
Room C
Excellence at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research
The NCUR Panel II: POC, PSY & JS

Colleen McLoughlin
A&S Politics*
The Effect of 'An Inconvenient Truth' on U.S. Senate Climate Change Rhetoric

Joshua Gischner
A&S Judaic Studies*
Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust: Jewish Identity and Controversial Burial Practices

Reed Haight
A&S Psychology*
Bystander Intervention in Sexual Violence: Combating Moral Blinders
Room D
Assessing Health Care and Student Readiness

Victoria Daigle, Rachel Janey, and Gabriela Toledo
Assessment of a Whole Child: What Can Teachers Learn?

Aaron Schwabacher and Bhavin Shah
On the Health of the Student Body: A Modest Proposal

Hajar Altamimi
Subject Clinical Respiratory Therapy Case Study

Caitlin Connelly
The Effect of Nurr 1 and ERK S on Dopamine Neurons
Wilde Auditorium
Innovations in Music and Dance

Roberta Giel
The Effects of Dynamic Range Compression on Listener Enjoyment

Jennifer Binversie
Tu the Pointe

Arielle Solomon
My Past, Present and Future in Dance

Elizabeth Schorr

"The Core Music Standards": What Do They Mean for American Classrooms?

* Senior Honors Student

# Dorothy Goodwin Scholar