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Test Taking Procedures


In order to qualify for test/exam accommodations at L+, the student must have appropriate documentation on file with the director of L+. Test/exam accommodations are based on specific recommendations that are recorded in the documentation. Therefore, test/exam accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis. Some professors are able and willing to provide test/exam accommodations in the classroom setting. For example, the professor may allow a student who is eligible for extended time to begin the test in the classroom prior to the standard start-time and/or to remain after the standard end-time. It is imperative that the student makes individual arrangements with each professor one week prior to each test/exam. Students may elect NOT to use accommodations for their tests. 

Students are required to take tests/exams at the same time/date as their class.  Occasionally, a scheduling conflict arises, and, if necessary, legitimate exceptions to the standard policy may be made. 

Possible test/exam accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  • Extended time:
    • 1 ½ x or 2x the standard amount of time. If the class receives 50 minutes to take the test, the extended time would be for 75-100 minutes. A two-hour final exam is extended to four hours.
    • Unlimited time is NOT available.
  • A student who has requested extended time may leave the L+ site even if the extended time period has not expired. Please note: the student must remain at L+ until 5 minutes beyond the standard start-time for the test/exam.
  • Access to a word processor or a computer when appropriate.
  • L+ offers students the option of using an ALPHASMART, a self-contained, battery operated word processor. Students may reserve an ALPHASMART to use in the classroom or at L+. Responses entered on the ALPHASMART must be printed at L+. Neither floppy disks nor the Internet are accessible on an ALPHASMART. The device does have Microsoft Word Software.
  • Access to a calculator when appropriate.
  • A scribe who will write or type the student-generated response VERBATIM.
  - The scribe will not edit/revise a student-generated response. Scribes are able to record responses for scantron-type tests.
  • A reader who will read the test prompt and/or the student-generated response VERBATIM.

  - The reader will NOT clarify, reword or explain a test prompt.

  - Please note: The professor may clarify/explain a test prompt at his/her discretion. Therefore, some students elect to take the test/exam with the rest of their class.

  • A test environment with minimal distractions. The University is NOT able to offer a test environment that is completely distraction free.
  • Disposable earplugs, which are available to students who wish to take the test/exam in the classroom with the professor.

Procedures for Test/Exam Accommodations for Students, Faculty and L+ Staff

The STUDENT will:

  • Make a "reservation" at L+ to take a test one week prior to the scheduled test/exam date.
  • Pick up a GREEN sheet (the written request for test/exam accommodations) at L+ one week prior to each test/exam.
  • Submit a completed GREEN sheet to the professor one week prior to the scheduled test/exam.
  • Negotiate/remind the professor of all eligible test/exam accommodations.
  • Follow the tenets of academic honesty.
  • Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of any additional test/exam accommodations at L+.
  • Arrive on time to take the test.
    • The student may study/review for a few minutes before the exam, but must arrive early enough to begin the exam at the scheduled time.
  • Leave personal belongings including jacket, book bag, pocket book, cell phone, beeper, personal listening device, textbooks and notebooks in the reception area.
  • Take the test in the assigned space. The door must remain open.
  • Submit any prewriting and/or calculations with the completed test/exam.
  • Remain in the room until the exam is completed.
  • If a student requires the use of the lavatory, a notation will be written on the exam.
  • Leave L+ as soon as the test is completed unless the "standard" test has not yet been administered. Once the student leaves the test site, the student forfeits access to the test. If a student completes the exam prior to the standard start-time for the rest of the class, then the student MUST remain at A209 until 5 minutes after the standard-start time.
  • Sign-out in the test/exam "reservation " book when leaving L+ after completing the test/exam.


  • Submit the completed GREEN sheet with the test/exam and all related materials to L+ in a timely fashion.
  • Provide L+ with a phone number in the event that a problem arises during the test.
  • Retrieve the completed test/exam from L+ the following day.


  • Verify that the student has registered to take the test/exam at L+.
  • Direct the student to the assigned testing space (eg. low-distraction area, computer station, etc.).
  • Provide the test/exam accommodations as agreed to by the professor and the student and recorded on the GREEN sheet.
  • Record the time that the student begins and completes the test/exam.
  • Monitor the student who is taking the test/exam.
  • Serve as a reader or scribe if indicated on the GREEN sheet.
  • As a READER: Read the test prompt/response VERBATIM; Do NOT explain, clarify or rephrase.
  • As a SCRIBE: Write/type the student's response to the test prompt VERBATIM; Do NOT edit or revise a student-generated response
  • Keep students at L+ until the standard time for the examination period has begun; if a student completes the exam prior to the standard start-time for the rest of the class, then the student MUST remain at A209 until 5 minutes after the standard-start time.
  • Collect all completed test materials from the student and store them in the director's office until retrieved by the professor.
  • Request the professor's signature on the bottom of the green sheet when an exam is retrieved from L+; L+ keeps the green sheet for their records.