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Tuesday, March 3: University Closing at 7 p.m.

Due to expected storm conditions, the University will close at 7 p.m. this evening. All classes starting at or after 7 p.m. are canceled. Individual professors may opt to conduct classes or provide assignments online when the campus is closed, so students should check Blackboard and their email to learn of any alternate arrangements.  snow closing guide

University Libraries will close at 7 p.m. tonight. The University Commons dining facility, Subway, the Village Market, and the Hawk's Nest will be open normal hours tonight. All other dining locations will close at 6 p.m. 

All Hartt Community Division activities after 3 p.m. today are canceled.

Updated 3:47 p.m., 3/3/15

Test Taking Procedures


In order to qualify for test/exam accommodations at L+, the student must have appropriate documentation on file with the director of L+. Test/exam accommodations are based on specific recommendations that are recorded in the documentation. Therefore, test/exam accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis. Some professors are able and willing to provide test/exam accommodations in the classroom setting. For example, the professor may allow a student who is eligible for extended time to begin the test in the classroom prior to the standard start-time and/or to remain after the standard end-time. It is imperative that the student makes individual arrangements with each professor one week prior to each test/exam. Students may elect NOT to use accommodations for their tests. 

Students are required to take tests/exams at the same time/date as their class.  Occasionally, a scheduling conflict arises, and, if necessary, legitimate exceptions to the standard policy may be made. 

Possible test/exam accommodations include, but are not limited to:

  • Extended time:
    • 1 ½ x or 2x the standard amount of time. If the class receives 50 minutes to take the test, the extended time would be for 75-100 minutes. A two-hour final exam is extended to four hours.
    • Unlimited time is NOT available.
  • A student who has requested extended time may leave the L+ site even if the extended time period has not expired. Please note: the student must remain at L+ until 5 minutes beyond the standard start-time for the test/exam.
  • Access to a word processor or a computer when appropriate.
  • L+ offers students the option of using an ALPHASMART, a self-contained, battery operated word processor. Students may reserve an ALPHASMART to use in the classroom or at L+. Responses entered on the ALPHASMART must be printed at L+. Neither floppy disks nor the Internet are accessible on an ALPHASMART. The device does have Microsoft Word Software.
  • Access to a calculator when appropriate.
  • A scribe who will write or type the student-generated response VERBATIM.
  - The scribe will not edit/revise a student-generated response. Scribes are able to record responses for scantron-type tests.
  • A reader who will read the test prompt and/or the student-generated response VERBATIM.

  - The reader will NOT clarify, reword or explain a test prompt.

  - Please note: The professor may clarify/explain a test prompt at his/her discretion. Therefore, some students elect to take the test/exam with the rest of their class.

  • A test environment with minimal distractions. The University is NOT able to offer a test environment that is completely distraction free.
  • Disposable earplugs, which are available to students who wish to take the test/exam in the classroom with the professor.

Procedures for Test/Exam Accommodations for Students, Faculty and L+ Staff

The STUDENT will:

  • Make a "reservation" at L+ to take a test one week prior to the scheduled test/exam date.
  • Pick up a GREEN sheet (the written request for test/exam accommodations) at L+ one week prior to each test/exam.
  • Submit a completed GREEN sheet to the professor one week prior to the scheduled test/exam.
  • Negotiate/remind the professor of all eligible test/exam accommodations.
  • Follow the tenets of academic honesty.
  • Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of any additional test/exam accommodations at L+.
  • Arrive on time to take the test.
    • The student may study/review for a few minutes before the exam, but must arrive early enough to begin the exam at the scheduled time.
  • Leave personal belongings including jacket, book bag, pocket book, cell phone, beeper, personal listening device, textbooks and notebooks in the reception area.
  • Take the test in the assigned space. The door must remain open.
  • Submit any prewriting and/or calculations with the completed test/exam.
  • Remain in the room until the exam is completed.
  • If a student requires the use of the lavatory, a notation will be written on the exam.
  • Leave L+ as soon as the test is completed unless the "standard" test has not yet been administered. Once the student leaves the test site, the student forfeits access to the test. If a student completes the exam prior to the standard start-time for the rest of the class, then the student MUST remain at A209 until 5 minutes after the standard-start time.
  • Sign-out in the test/exam "reservation " book when leaving L+ after completing the test/exam.


  • Submit the completed GREEN sheet with the test/exam and all related materials to L+ in a timely fashion.
  • Provide L+ with a phone number in the event that a problem arises during the test.
  • Retrieve the completed test/exam from L+ the following day.


  • Verify that the student has registered to take the test/exam at L+.
  • Direct the student to the assigned testing space (eg. low-distraction area, computer station, etc.).
  • Provide the test/exam accommodations as agreed to by the professor and the student and recorded on the GREEN sheet.
  • Record the time that the student begins and completes the test/exam.
  • Monitor the student who is taking the test/exam.
  • Serve as a reader or scribe if indicated on the GREEN sheet.
  • As a READER: Read the test prompt/response VERBATIM; Do NOT explain, clarify or rephrase.
  • As a SCRIBE: Write/type the student's response to the test prompt VERBATIM; Do NOT edit or revise a student-generated response
  • Keep students at L+ until the standard time for the examination period has begun; if a student completes the exam prior to the standard start-time for the rest of the class, then the student MUST remain at A209 until 5 minutes after the standard-start time.
  • Collect all completed test materials from the student and store them in the director's office until retrieved by the professor.
  • Request the professor's signature on the bottom of the green sheet when an exam is retrieved from L+; L+ keeps the green sheet for their records.