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Appropriate documentation of the disability must be on file with Access-Ability Services prior to the provision of any services or accommodations. (Please see Documentation Guidelines.)

Students must meet with an Access-Ability Services staff member at the start to obtain copies of the Letter of Disclosure to submit to professors. This official document identifies the student as having approved accommodations and/or services based upon the disability. Students who choose to disclose their disability to a professor should arrange to meet individually with the instructor at the beginning of the semester. Students should bring the Letter of Disclosure with them to this meeting to request specific accommodations. Please note: reasonable accommodations are mandatory, however, they are subject to negotiation.

Students who choose not to disclose their disability to a professor and then change their minds as the semester progresses must allow at least two weeks for accommodations to begin. There will be no retroactive consideration, or adjustment to grades.

Students who choose NOT to disclose their disability to professors forfeit all academic accommodations, including test accommodations.

Students whose documentation supports test accommodations must make arrangements with their professors and complete all necessary paperwork at Access-Ability Services at least 5 business days in advance of the date of the test. Possible test accommodations include:

  • Extended time (time and a half (1.5X), or double time (2.0X) of what the rest of the class is given). Extended time does not mean unlimited time.
  • An environment with minimal distractions. The University is NOT able to offer a test environment that is completely distraction free (disposable ear plugs are available).
  • The provision of a scribe and/or a reader. Readers and scribes read/write verbatim and are unable to clarify questions or assist the student with their exam.
  • The use of a word processor (without internet access) and/or a calculator when appropriate.
  • Please note: The professor may clarify/explain a test prompt at his/her discretion. Therefore, some students elect to take the test/exam with the rest of their class.

Students who schedule time to meet with an Academic Coach should call Access-Ability Services at 860-768-4312 if they are unable to keep their appointments. Three absences from scheduled appointments will result in removal from the weekly Academic Coaching schedule. In this event, students will be invited to utilize "drop-in" hours at Access-Ability Services.