Accounting and Taxation
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Accounting and Taxation

Name                      Phone                    Office                Title

Buck, Brad Instructor of Business Law
Bannister, James           860.768.5301                 A406D               Chair and Professor
Butler, Janice 860.768.4516 A406G Instructor in Accounting
Gantt, Karen 860.768.5809 A409A Associate Professor of Business Law
Goldstein, Ken 860.768.4779 A410 Visiting Instructor of Business Law
Ingram, Kristin 860.768.4577 A406F Instructor in Accounting & Director of MSAT Program
Jaeger, Patricia 860.768.4346 A306B Associate Dean and Professor of Taxation
Lamberton,Barbara 860.768.5810 A409B Associate Professor of Accounting
May, Donald A. 860.768.4394 A406A Lecturer of Accounting
Oz, I. Onur 860.768.4512 A406D Assistant Professor of Accounting
Smith, Anthony Visiting Instructor of Business Law
Smith, Carl 860.768.4343 A406C Associate Professor of Accounting
Tang, Jenna 860.768.4333 Assistant Professor of Accounting
Wahab, Susan 860.768.4184 A406E Professor of Accounting