Economics, Finance and Insurance
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Economics, Finance and Insurance

Name                                       Phone                      Office                Title

Brewer, Ben 860.768.4834 A412B Assistant Professor in Economics
Coleman, Susan 860.768.4690 A412B Professor and Ansley Chair of Finance
Cotei, Carmen 860.768.5744 A410 Professor of Finance
Goroshko, Kenneth 860.768.4515 A408 Instructor of Economics 
Kamal, Lillian 860.768.5592 A412E Associate Professor of Economics
Kolluri, Bharat 860.768.4409 A412A Professor of Economics
Lashgari,Malek                       860.768.4655                  A412G                  Professor of Finance and Chair of the Department of Economics
Lei, Yu 860.768.4682 A418 Associate Professor of Insurance
Peta, James 860.768.4799 A412C Lecturer in Economics
Rassekh, Farhad 860.768.5007 A412F Professor of Economics and Associate Dean
Wahab, Mahmoud 860.768.5119 A412D Professor of Finance
Yang, Ke 860.768.5078 A416 Associate Professor of Economics