Daphne Berry
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Daphne Berry

Daphne Berry Daphne Berry teaches management, social enterprise, and international business courses and for the past four years, has led student trips to Spain, where established business models such as worker cooperatives feature broad-based worker ownership and participation in decision making. Her research focuses on employee-owned workplaces, socially sustainable workplaces, demographic diversity in organizations, and outcomes to modest-income workers. Daphne’s corporate experience includes work as an engineer and manager in engineering, product management, and marketing departments at startup and large multi-national telecommunications firms.

Courses: Course Title
MGT 310 Managing Organizational Behavior
MGT 330 Socially Responsible Enterprises
MSM 610 Analytics for Success 
IB 310/610 Study Abroad: Social Enterprises and sustainability in  Spain
MSM 680 International Business and Social Responsibility
MGT 991 Social Enterprise and Benefit Corporations

Spain course student blog for 2018

Associate Professor of Management
Phone: 860.768.4305  Room 310A
Email address: daberry@hartford.edu

PhD, Management (Organization Studies concentration), University of Massachusetts at Amherst
MEE, Electrical Engineering, Rice University
BS, Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame

Research Interests:
Employee ownership, Worker cooperatives, Gender and diversity, In/equality in work organizations, Sustainable workplaces. 

Selected Scholarship Books and Articles

Berry, D. & Bell, M. P. 2018. “Worker Cooperatives: Alternative Governance for Caring and Precarious Work”, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion special issue on Care and Care Work. 

Berry, D. 2017. “The Worker Co-operative Form in the Home Care Industry in the United States”, in Michie, J., Blasi, J. & Kruse, D. (Eds.), Oxford Handbook of Mutual and Organizational Business (pp. 386-397). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Berry, D. & Fitz-gerald, D. 2017. “Governance and Decision Making at Carris Reels”, The CASE Journal, 13(1), 5-24.

April, K., Berry, D., Ipek, G., Tatli, A. 2014. “Self-initiation: Case study from North America and Africa”, in Groutsis, D., Harvey, W., & Ozbilgin, M. (Eds.), International Human Resource Management (pp. 214-235). Port Melbourne, VIC: Cambridge University Press.

Bell, M.P., Berry, D. P., Marquardt, D. J. & Green, T. T. 2013. “Introducing Discriminatory Job Loss: Antecedents, Consequences, and Complexities.” Journal of Managerial Psychology, 28 (6): 584-605.

Berry, D. P. & Bell, M. P. 2012. “Expatriates: Class Distinctions in International Management.” Gender, Work, and Organization.19 (1): 10-28.

Berry, D. & Schneider, S. 2011. “Examining the Relationship between Organized Labor and Worker Cooperatives” in Edward J. Carberry (Ed.), Employee Ownership and Shared Capitalism: New Directions and Debates for the 21st Century, LERA Research Volume, 2011.

Recent Achievements and Honors:

Barney School of Business, Best Advising award, from the Barney Dean's office, 2017.

Belle K. Ribicoff Junior Faculty Prize from the University of Hartford for excellence in teaching, scholarly activity, and service, 2017-2018.

Greenberg Junior Faculty Grant from University of Hartford in support of the scholarly activities of junior faculty, 2016-2017.  

W.K. Kellogg Fellowship from the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations for the study of modest income workers in employee-owned companies, 2016-2017.