Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
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Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Name                          Phone                        Office              Title

Berry, Daphne        860.768.4305                 A310A            Associate Professor of Management
Braithwaite, Ralph 860.236.5747 Lecturer in Management
Canedy, Charles III 860.768.4382 A311B

Associate Professor of Marketing

Cavazos, Carmina 860.768.4510 A310G

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Congden, Steven 860.768.4567 A311A Associate Professor of Management
Fairfield-Sonn, James 860.768.4835 A309 Professor of Management, Fulbright Fellow
Hao, Andy 860.768.4809 A310B Associate Professor of Marketing
Ho, Cony Visiting Instructor of Marketing
Katrichis, Jerome 860.768.4298 A310F Associate Professor of Marketing
Kidder, Deborah 860.768.4879 A310L Associate Dean, Professor of Management
Lee, Hyunjung 860.768.4974 A310C Assistant Professor of Marketing
Lofink, Celia 860 768.4362 A311C Undergraduate Program Director and Clinical Instructor of Management
Naoumova, Irina 860.768.4760 A310G Department Chair, Professor of Management, Director of Barney Institute for
Ranucci, Rebecca 860.768.4565 A310M Assistant Professor of Management
Reilly, Ralph 860.768.4196 A310M Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
Rogers, Annette 860.768.4270 A317 Graduate Program Director and Clinical Instructor of Management
Sumukadas, Narendar         860.768.4239 A310E Associate Professor of Management
Tong, Nathan 860.768.5663 Visiting Instructor of Management
Young, Rochelle 860.768.4828 A311E MSM Program Director and Clinical Instructor of Management
Wang, Shirley 860.768.4195 Assistant Professor of Management