Arosha Jayawickrema
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Arosha Jayawickrema

Arosha Jayawickrema received his MBA from the Barney School on May 19, 1991. He took a job at the University of Hartford on May 20, and he’s been with the University ever since. After beginning his career as a staff accountant, Jayawickrema is currently vice president for finance and administration.

I had a wonderful experience at the Barney School, Jayawickrema says. I did my undergraduate work at the University of Texas, where class sizes ranged from 40 to 100 students. I really appreciated the small classes at the Barney school and the strong sense of community among the students and the faculty.

Jayawickrema still sees those qualities at the Barney School today. The technology has advanced significantly, and the courses have a much more international flavor, but the core values of caring and support remain the same.

Even after 18 years at the University of Hartford, Jayawickrema still loves what he does. I wake up every day excited to go to work and to help make the University a better place, he says.

He remains optimistic about the future. The economy may be in a downturn right now, but we’ve made great improvements in both the University’s financial position and academic standing over the last decade, he says. Under President Harrison’s leadership, I have no doubt that the positive momentum will continue.