Project Need
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Project Need

View of the expansion from the quad.

A Bold Commitment

The Barney School is committed to preparing students who are Career Ready—prepared to step into the workplace and add value to organizations.

A multifaceted approach helps them become competent in their chosen fields, confident in conveying their value to others, and connected to alumni, business leaders, and others offering guidance and support.

This approach is producing results. Placement of Barney School students in full-time positions or graduate programs is close to 90%, and 100% of students complete at least one internship prior to graduation. 

Facilities Matter

When students choose a school of business, facilities affect their decision. They—and their families—are influenced by an environment that shows a commitment to excellence. Similarly, business and industry partners know that a school’s facilities matter in preparing future business leaders.

The Barney School expansion project emphasizes student-focused, technology-rich spaces that provide venues for an array of educational experiences...experiences that pave the way to launching careers. The new facilities will make an already strong program even stronger.

The expansion project is crucial to attracting talented students. Crucial to meeting the needs of employers. Crucial to ranking among the best. With competition among business schools escalating, the expansion project will give the Barney School an edge.