The Start-Up Secret Sauce:Building a Company from the Ground Up
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The Start-Up Secret Sauce:Building a Company from the Ground Up


When Dinner Lab started in 2012, it was an illegal, late-night diner operating out of Brian Bordainick’s basement apartment in New Orleans, LA. Today, the secret supper club is present in 20 U.S. cities and is valued at more than $33 million.

In this personal talk, Bordainick, 30, opens up about his story as a young entrepreneur—bringing an idea from concept to reality, finding investors, expanding the business, and dealing with the emotional toll of leading a company through trial and error. Never one to settle, Bordainick discusses the future of his exponentially growing company, his innovative use of data and feedback, and how anyone can turn an entrepreneurial dream into reality, with the right attitude. 

Bordainick’s entrepreneurial spirit was sparked shortly after his graduation from the University of Georgia, when he went to work for Teach for America. He was assigned to a makeshift school fashioned out of FEMA trailers in the parking lot of a flood-ravaged high school. In an effort to provide after-school activities, he helped raise $1.8 million to build a football field and track on the school’s campus.

In the wake of that assignment, Bordainick was recruited as director of entrepreneurial investment for 4.0 Schools, an incubator for tech-focused innovation in education.

Featured in Forbes magazine’s 30 Under 30: Education list, Bordainick has appeared on Anderson Cooper 360, ESPN, The Today Show, and CBS News. He has been a guest speaker at the TEDxGoldenGateED program and various universities throughout the country.