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Management majors participate in a variety of educational experiences that develop knowledge of people, teams, and organizations. This knowledge will enable them to be effective members and eventual leaders in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations of all sizes. Majors learn what to pay attention to, how to analyze situations and how to make decisions to achieve the best results. These experiences enhance emotional intelligence, interpersonal and leadership skills.

The Innovators Group

A group of Barney Entrepreneurship Studies majors started this organization dedicated to learning how to innovate successfully. Watch a video where they discuss the intent and strategy of the group.  All University students are welcome to join; email Eric Hillemeir at

Total Credits Required for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: 123

Requirements for the Major
Required Credits: 21
(To fulfill professional major requirements in the standard degree program for bachelor's in business administration)

Junior and Senior Years     Click on any course number to see all course descriptions.
Course # Course Title Offered
MGT 360 Developing Management Skills Fall & Spring
MGT 410 Human Resource Management Fall only
MGT 421 Leadership in the 21st Century All semesters
MGT 430 Project Management Fall & Spring
MGT 480 Internship All semesters

Two elective courses (six credits) should also be selected in consultation with an advisor from the list below.
Course # Course Title Offered
ENT 314 Principles of Entrepreneurship Fall & Spring
MGT 315 Group Dynamics &
Interpersonal Relations
Spring only
MGT 418 Ethics of Management Fall only
MGT 422 Work Force Diversity Spring only
MGT 425 Introduction to Negotiations Spring only
MGT 482 Small Business Practicum Spring only
MGT 490 Special Topics in Management* Fall & Spring
MKT 325 Marketing Communications Fall only
MKT 340 Consumer Behavior Fall only
MKT 330 Retail Management Fall only
MKT 335 Personal Selling & Sales Management Fall only

*A specific topic is chosen for this course, such as Knowledge Management or E-Commerce

Management majors may also take one of the following communication courses as a major elective with advisor approval (if CMM prerequisites are met).
Course # Course Title Offered
CMM 212 Persuasion Fall
CMM 222 Small Group Communication Each Semester
CMM 225W Interpersonal Communication Each Semester
CMM 335 Ethnic and Intercultural Communication Every other year
CMM 340 Conflict and Communication Every other year
CMM 230 Organizational Communication Each Semester