Why The University of Hartford?
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Why The University of Hartford?

The Barney School of Business distinguishes itself through its Career Ready Business Education program. Barney students learn and apply career-ready tools to help prepare them to be successful business leaders. They will be aware of the global nature of business, have a chosen career path, have work experience on their resume, and have resources available to assist in finding a job after graduation. In addition to class work, Barney’s distinguishing programs include workshops, networking opportunities, speaker series, mentoring opportunities, and more.

The Barney School is one of 570 business schools worldwide accredited by AACSB International. This places it in the top 5 percent of all business schools (12,000 worldwide).

The Barney School equips actuaries with the skills to solve business problems by using the advanced tools and techniques learned through years of study and application in the context of a general business education program that includes a career-ready focus. Students benefit from the school’s ties to local insurance and finance companies and the wide range of programs and research support provided by the RC Knox Center for Insurance and Risk Management.

Actuaries from area firms have been deeply involved in the design of the actuarial science program. Their guidance helps to refine the curriculum and identify ways to recruit and place students in actuarial internships and permanent positions.

The Barney School, in pursuit of its mission to prepare leaders and decision makers who are globally aware, includes international issues in every course, collaborates in live, synchronous broadcasts with other universities from around the world, and offers several study-abroad courses, including short-term embedded courses and semester-long opportunities.

Teaching social responsibility and the ethical implications of knowledge and action is one of the educational objectives of the Barney School of Business. By embracing social responsibility and examining the ethical implications of knowledge, students learn to evaluate the effects of actions and social policies to make the world we live in a better place.