Economics and Finance Club

The Economics & Finance Club is open to all students who wish to share knowledge and passion in the various areas of economics and finance. Our club brings in speakers throughout the year who share their professional experiences, sometimes offering internship opportunities to club members. Members will also have an exclusive opportunity to help actively manage the club’s own investment portfolio, working closely with financial advisors in make strategic and justified investment decisions. In addition, our club is now striving to organize a trip to visit the Federal Reserve and/or Wall Street each year, and needs members willing and able to help make such an event happen. If you are interested and wish to learn more, please contact Club advisor Professor Owen Svalestad. All are welcome!


2013 Fall Schedule

Meet every Thursday, 12-1pm

Date Location Event
9/12/2013 No meeting
9/19/2013 GSU339 Welcome Back
9/24/2013 TBD Fundraiser
10/3/2013 GSU Fundraiser
10/10/2013 GSU341 Meeting
10/17/2013 TBD Inroads speaker
10/24/2013 GSU341 Meeting
11/7/2013 GSU341 Meeting
11/14/2013 GSU341 Meeting
11/28/2013 No meeting-Thanksgiving
12/5/2013 TBD Fundraiser
12/12/2013 GSU341 Semester close-out

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