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Introduction for New Students


Your first few semesters will be a time for discovering your academic abilities and learning to adjust to life at college. Learn more about the differences between high school and college:

High School Vs College

While learning how to adjust to your new learning and living environment, you may experience the following transitions:

  •  forming new relationships and modifying existing ones
  •  accepting and adjusting to changes within your routine
  •  learning to live with an increased independence
  •  adjusting to increased academic demands
  •  learning new study habits

Throughout your academic career, you will be encouraged to:

  •  discover interests and explore options before making decisions about class, major, and career choices
  •  take ownership of your education and play an active role in the advising process
  •  attend class on a regular basis as well as meeting deadlines
  •  ask questions when you don't understand something
  •  maintain a positive attitude about change
  •  develop and use effective study habits

The workplace, jobs and skill demands are changing. Today every student requires 21st century skills to succeed. Take advantage of courses and opportunities that will help you develop and grow in the following areas:

  •  21st Century Content: global awareness, financial, economic, business, and entrepreneurial literacy, civic literacy and health and wellness awareness.
  • Learning and Thinking Skills: critical thinking and problem solving skills, communication skills, creativity and innovation skills, collaboration skills, information and media literacy skills.
  • Life Skills: leadership, ethics, accountability, adaptability, personal productivity, personal responsibility, people skills, and social responsibility.