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Standard Interviews



Standard Interview Overview:

Standard interview questions are those that don't really lend themselves to using examples and stories to answer.  Things like "Tell me about yourself," or "What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?" can often trip people up.  If you can keep a few thoughts in mind while you piece through your answers you will get through these open ended questions with flying colors.  Try to remember who your audience is and what you are interviewing for.

Don't begin by answering with a topic or skill that has nothing to do with the position or that won't have value for the interviewer.  Employers do not want to know about your enjoyment of long walks on the beach as the sun sets.  They want to know about hobbies and activities that are relevant to the industry and job you are applying to.  Use keywords, skills and industry language while staying relevant to the position just like you would while tailoring a resume or cover letter to the job posting and you will be fine.

 Examples of standard questions and typical answers  (PDF)