From the Dean
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From the Dean

Welcome to the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture (CETA).

CETA is a place where students become globally competitive engineers, technologists, and architects who can stand with the best in the world. The breadth of our programs combined with our career ready focus creates many opportunities for innovation and real-world education. From impactful and innovative research programs in which our undergraduates and graduate students are active contributors, to partnerships with industry and government where students are linked to internships and jobs, we seek to produce well-rounded, talented graduates who affect tomorrow’s technologies and shape the environment in which we live.

How do we accomplish this? Beyond excellence in research and teaching, networking and internships, and fostering the development of communication skills and teamwork, we offer:

  • the resources of a vibrant university with a reputation for integrating liberal arts education and professional programs;
  • an engineering program ranked 14th in the nation among colleges where engineering students go on to earn the highest mid-career salaries, tied with Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Tufts, and Cooper Union;
  • a distinguished, growing faculty with broad experience in business and industry, and of which 80 percent hold terminal degrees in their field of expertise;  
  • world class classroom and lab facilities combined with a staff dedicated to student success;
  • a strong emphasis on networking and mentoring through career ready programs and engaging partnerships with industry leaders like United Technologies, Pratt & Whitney, Mott Corp, and Kaman Corporation, and government agencies like NASA who look to us to provide outstanding talent;
  • opportunities to expand student interests, including global, through organizations such as Engineers without Borders and many student-led programs.

CETA is committed to producing globally aware and socially responsible graduates who make a tremendous difference in people’s lives by solving many of the world’s most difficult and important problems, whether it be designing secure and efficient transportation, monitoring health conditions wirelessly during everyday activities, addressing clean water supplies in developing countries, or creating concert halls that allow every note to be heard.

We invite you to visit and experience how CETA can provide you with the technological excellence and career ready skills necessary for personal and professional success.

Hisham Alnajjar, Dean