Green 707 Electric Vehicle update
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Green 707 Electric Vehicle update

Green 707 EV, Paul Mangelsdorf driver

We finally had our first track test this weekend, and quickly discovered the truck's strengths and weaknesses. The motor and controller ran great, but our lead acid batteries held us back, both by limiting available power and as multiple cells failed. We are beginning plans to fundraise and replace with lithium batteries for a 300+lbs weight reduction and 30%+ more power.

Best time was a pretty poor 18.3sec @ 71mph, however we believe this is a new record for MC/A-ED, we will be communicating with NEDRA in the next few days.

CETA is looking forward to seeing how the team can overcome their truck’s setbacks at the next track test. Keep a look out on their Facebook for more news and updates on the teams fundraising efforts and modifications to their vehicle. The club was formed around the desire to convert a Chevrolet S10 pickup truck to electric power with the intention to go drag racing. Please contact the club’s advisor, Hemchandra Shertukde, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, to find out more information on the club and the many ways to get involved:

 To check out their recent activity and more about their test results:

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