Jarrett Lagler '18 Awarded the University's Belle K. Ribicoff Prize
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Jarrett Lagler '18 Awarded the University's Belle K. Ribicoff Prize

jarrett lagler

Acoustical engineering and music major Jarrett Lagler ’18 is the 2018 recipient of the University’s Belle K. Ribicoff Prize. Each year, the coveted prize is awarded to an outstanding graduating senior who demonstrates academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, originality of thought, and a commitment to extracurricular activities and community service. 

The University Honors student, who excelled academically, shares that it was the “simultaneous breadth and depth” of his involvement outside the classroom that makes him most proud. Now, he's heading to Apple where he will be working as an acoustical engineer.

As a first-year student at UHart, Jarrett researched mathematical models for acoustic wave propagation in neurons and presented his findings at a mathematics conference. He interned at architectural consulting firm Longman Lindsey his sophomore year before landing his dream engineering internship at Apple. When senior year approached, he and another student proposed the idea of flying to Cape Canaveral for SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy maiden launch. Their goal was to use the excitement of the launch to demonstrate the acoustic principles they had learned in their acoustic courses. You can watch the video here: http://bit.ly/2KqI7WM

Assistant Professor Eoin King, Jarrett’s faculty advisor, says Jarrett’s experiences will help him succeed. “It is important that students see acoustical engineering in a larger context with connections to, and impacts on, many other disciplines,” he explains. “Jarrett has repeatedly shown a deep understanding of how engineering fits into this greater context.”

Jarrett and Assistant Professor King are continuing to work together with Jarrett helping to develop a vehicle system that recognizes the sound of an emergency siren and then alerts the driver to the emergency vehicle’s relative location. Asst. Professor King expects to publish their work and Jarrett will be credited as co-author. Jarrett’s honors thesis, which Asst. Professor King supervised, grew into a collaboration and technology licensing agreement with the UK-based company Ultrahaptics.