CETA Celebrates Student Accomplishments at Spring 2018 Design Expo
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CETA Celebrates Student Accomplishments at Spring 2018 Design Expo


2018 Design Expo

On Friday, May 4, 2018, the College of Engineering, Technology, and Architecture’s (CETA) spring Design Expo showcased the innovative ideas of sophomores enrolled in engineering design courses and seniors presenting their capstone projects.

Highlights of the all-day event included a design competition and senior “shark tank” presentations where students pitched their concepts to the many industry, faculty, and staff serving as judges. Throughout the semester, students collaborated with each other and in many cases industry sponsors, to develop and apply real-world solutions to design challenges.  

This spring’s design challenge goals:

  • Creating well-designed, practical solutions that address key issues associated with global problems;
  • Encouraging a new generation of students to become knowledgeable about these issues;
  • Providing promising designers with a path to drive change in the world.

Sophomores Nicolle Carr, Josephine Garcia, Aleks Nowicki, and Devin Prive, addressed preserving the environment, placing first for their “GARy Automatic Trash Sorter”, a smart garbage and recyclable sorter. It uses Google’s image recognition technology and a computerized camera to take a picture of an object after it’s placed on a movable plate on top of a garbage bin. If GARy determines the object is trash, the plate swings to the right and deposits it into the trash compartment. If it’s a recyclable, it falls into the left recyclables side.

Recognizing the large void in post-crash motorcycle alert systems, computer engineering senior Adam Haggett secured first place for his “Passive Motorcycle Accident Detection and Response” project. The system is a physical device that can be placed on motorcycles and is designed to call 911 directly using a synthesized human voice, saving lives and dramatically reducing the time required to receive help.

The full list of our winners:

Sophomores: (Course ES 242)

First Place (Professor Todd Brown)

Automatic Trash Sorter

Nicole Carr, Josephine Garcia, Aleks Nowicki and Devin Prive

Second Place (Ulrich Decher, PhD)


Jason Alberto, Thamer Alenezi, Matthew Bradnan and Carlos Jimenez

Second Place (Professor Enrico Obst)

Motorcycle Safety Device

Talal Aldeehany, Keith Sachs, Truong So, Abdulrahman Alotaibi, and Salem Alqashanin

Seniors: (Courses listed below)

First Place (Technical Advisors: Krista Hill, PhD) – ECE 483

Passive Motorcycle Accident Detection and Response

Adam Haggett

Second Place (Technical Advisors: Hassan Salehi, PhD and Kiwon Sohn, PhD) – ECE 483

IoT Instrument for Heart Monitoring Interfacing Humans and Robots

Antonio Morales

Second Place (Technical Advisor: Hassan Salehi, PhD and Akram Abu-Aisheh, PhD) – ECE 483

IoT Based Solar Energy Storage System Using Capacitors

Tyler Littman, Afamuefula Chiagoro, Astrid Mangual