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Center for Manufacturing and Metrology NIKON LK V 10.7.6 HA

LK V bridge CMMs are standardly available in a wide range of measurement volumes ranging from LK V 6.5.4 to LK V 40.20.15 covering most inspection applications. For applications requiring specific or larger measurement volume, an LK V CMM can be delivered to the customer’s needs.

NIKON LK V 10.7.6 HA

  • Granite table with ceramic Y & Z guideways
  • Raised X-axis guideway provides ultrafast dynamics
  • S-axis 0.1 micron scale
  • Multi-sensor capability
  • Pneumatic anti-vibration mounts
  • Temperature compensation as standard


  • Increased scanning performance delivering high accuracy and throughput
  • Increased stiffness and stability of the metrology frame
  • Ready for shop floor and metrology lab


  • Analog, digital or laser scanning
  • Automotive, engine and transmission components
  • Aerospace blade, engine and aircraft components
  • General precision engineering
  • Medical instruments


  • Volumetric accuracy
    • from 1.1μm+L/400 (LK V-SL)
    • from 0.7μm+L/600 (LK V-SL HA)
  • Repeatability
    • from 0.7μm (LK V-SL)
    • from 0.5μm (LK V-SL HA)
  • Velocity
    • up to 51m/min (LK V-SL)
    • 20m/min (LK V-SL HA)
  • Acceleration
    • up to 5065m/min2 (LK V-SL)
    • 722m/min2 (LK V-SL HA)
LK V-SL and LK V-SL HA - High accuracy bridge style CMM
Preferred sizes
f(other sizes available on request)
Probe head Probes
8.7.6  10.10.8  20.12.10
10.7.6  15.10.8
PH10MQ TP200
LC15Dx, LC50Cx, LC60Dx, XC65D (-LS)

Ceramics for LK PREMIUM performance
Stress-free ceramic guideways are most dimensionally stable, provide high and long-lasting measurement accuracy, and require minimum machine verification, saving both time and money.