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First Year Experience

Within CETA, students find themselves with numerous activities and events for them throughout the first-year. Below are some events that take place just in the first semester for all students:

CETA Mentors

This is a CETA wide program that helps first-year student's transition to the University of Hartford, our College, and their rigorous majors! Upperclassman volunteer to meet with a group of about twelve first-year students to discuss weekly topics from time management, to housing questions, to where do I sign up for clubs, and many more. This program is optional for first-year students but the benefits are endless! There is a kick-off picnic in the beginning of the semester and then the semester concludes with a mentor project.

Faculty Advisors

First-year students are given a faculty advisor once they arrive for classes. This faculty member is someone who is in their specific department. If the student has not selected a major yet, then there are a few faculty members that advise the TBD students to help guide them in their selection process.


There are different avenues that students can pursue when seeking a tutor. First, students should always visit the Professor of their course. Many times the information can be easily re-explained in a one-on-one environment. Second, there are several tutor labs and help desks for the mathematical, physics, and writing subjects. Lastly, the Student Success Center offers the opportunity to be tutored in a subject by another student who has already received an “A” in the course and/or Vampire Tutoring for Math – late night tutoring in Hawk Hall, a residence hall.

Major Discipline Courses

The first semester courses are already defined for all majors within CETA. Both Engineering and Engineering Technology majors take major specific courses within their first semester. These courses do vary depending on major but they all get the student involved with hands-on activities!

Clubs and Organizations

At the University of Hartford there are over 100 clubs and organizations that students can get involved with immediately. Included in those are about 25 clubs that are just within CETA. Almost every major has a related club but students are free to join any that they are interested in. There are also several honor societies that invite students to join based on particular requirements.

Themed First Year Housing

Students have the opportunity to sign up (based on availability) for themed housing. On the housing application students can select to live with other students in their same college or, Hawk Hall, with themed wings for first-year students.

For the 2015 - 2016 academic year, the themes are: STEMC: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Community), Wellness, Emerging Leaders, Community Service, Global Engagement, The Green Team, Honors: The Pursuit of Excellence and Hawk Spirit. Students must write short essays in order to be accepted into this residential hall and the themed wings.