Engineering Technology
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Engineering Technology

Engineering technologists bridge the gap between technicians and engineers with an understanding of both operations and design. Our engineering technology programs prepare students for meaningful and rewarding careers by emphasizing hands-on application of theory in labs and studios with new software and equipment supported by an in-house staff of computer and technology specialists. Students can use labs and studios outside of regularly scheduled hours, and can work as lab and studio monitors in the program. 

In addition, our programs:

  • are generally algebra based, although calculus is taught and its use is required

  • stress the application of current technical knowledge and methods in the solution of current business and industrial problems

  • stress practical design solutions and manufacturing and evaluation techniques appropriate for industrial problems

  • stress the application of current, well-established design procedures to problems in specialized technical areas


Students studying engineering technology often follow different career paths than those who study engineering. Engineering technology graduates:

  • will be considered for entry-level positions in product design, development, testing, technical operations, or technical sales and service

  • are prepared to begin technical assignments immediately because studies emphasize current industrial practices and design procedures

  • may become professionally certified in their specific area of expertise (and in many states may become registered professional engineers, though the process differs from that of engineering graduates)

  • are eligible to study for advanced degrees in technical education and business, but may find entry to graduate engineering programs difficult (because of the emphasis on hands-on learning rather than theory)


Audio Engineering Technology (BS)

Computer and Electronic Engineering Technology (BS)

Electromechanical Engineering Technology (BS)

Electronic Engineering Technology (BS)

Engineering Technology (Contract Major) (BS)

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